Lauryn Hill

For this weeks blog post I am going to talk about a song called “If I Ruled the World” by Nas and Lauryn Hill. I choose this song because when I was listening to it  made me think of change. In this song you hear all the things that Nas and Lauryn Hill would change if they ruled the world and they talk about a lot of the problems that were going on at the time. Nas talks about how it would be without cops harassing people and welfare. Lauryn Hill’s hook is “if I ruled the world , I would free up all my sons” This is indicating black men in jail for crime and how deeply she wishes she could change this problem . This relates to UVA because there are a lot of changes that I would make if I ruled the school. I would change the harassment of police to our students and I would make this university I more diverse place. The police harassment is very sad to see and walking around seeing a very unmatched ration of white people to black people is something I would love to see change. This school is a very good school that has gives a lot of our black youth to change their life for the better but I don’t think this university is giving enough young black people an opportunity to change their life. Relating to this song called “If I Ruled the World” I would change it up and say “if I ruled UVA,” and it would be a much better experience for not only the black students here but for the whole student body. This song by Nas and Lauryn Hill really hit me and made me think of change for the world but also here at my school.

10 Songs

1.”My President is Black” by Young Jeezy

2.”Fuck the Police” by N.W.A

3.”99 Problems” by Jay-Z

4.”Be Free” by J.Cole

5.”Girls on Drugs” by Wale

6.”Fight the Power” by Public Enemy

7.”When Thugs Cry” by Tupac

8.”Started From the Bottom” by Drake

9.”If I Ruled the World” by Nas

10.”Heaven or Hell” by Meek Mill


America Without Social Media

Social media has changed the ways of America in many different aspects. It has had both positive and negative influences on society. The quickness and easy access to communicate with other people in distant areas has been one of the best outcomes of social media. In recent history, we have seen how it was able to aid those families who were separated from each other due to Hurricane Katrina. Without social media they would have had no way to find and communicate with one another to know of their conditions, whereabouts, and any other information needed after the devastating natural disaster. Without social media, many of these families would still be uncertain of a loved ones location or even if they had survived the hurricane. Another way social media has benefitted society is by being able to be a useful tool in business and advertisement. Many businesses have begun to use social websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to advertise their products or services nationwide and extremely quick opposed to the previous word of mouth, print ads, and other non-social media ways. On the other hand, social media has definitely had its negative effects on society. People have become less social and lost basic skills and comfortability to interact with one another in person because of social media. It is as if online some feel more comfortable expressing certain things than in real life. Also, these social websites somewhat create a sense of protection for people, they become more bold and mean than they could ever be in person. This is a contributing factor to the increase of cyber bullying. I cannot count how many videos of someone being embarrassed or beat up and the posts talking about someone else in a horrible way. It is like our youth uses social media as a new battle ground.

Songs(Changed from comment to an actual Post)

Since we actually have to sing in front of the class for being late , I plan on being there 10 mins early but if i was late for some reason there is a couple songs I would prefer to sing. My first choice would be “Count up” by Young Scooter.That is my first selection because its one of my favorite songs right now which means i know most of the lyrics. My second choice would have to be “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap because it is a very popular song right now that many of my classmates could vibe to while I’m performing . My last selection comes from my favorite rapper in the game , Curren$y. I would choice his song called “Jet Life” . This is a song I’ve known for a couple years and know the lyrics very well. Since hearing about this new late policy I plan on being early to class rather than late, but if i was late those are my three songs that I would prefer to sing in front of the class.

My word

Me being a college football at a premier University would give me a huge advantage getting my word out to people. If I had a passion about something that was important and could change the world and really wanted people to hear about it, they would. A lot of people look up to college football players and don’t expect them to have much to say about social change, so if I was to step up and say something it would really be recognized. You have to think about the college football stars like Jameis Winston and Amari Cooper who are known all around the country. They have thousands of followers and if they wanted to get their word out if would be as easy as just making a tweet. I think it would be more of a challenge for regular people who told play sports to get their word out because they are not as known and would have to start from the bottom. I plan on working hard and doing my thing on the field so more people will get to know me and see what I am about. Even though I don’t have much of a word I still feel like I can set a good example to the younger kids who are aspiring to play football also. I feel like even if you don’t have something to say about social change you can still affect the lives of others. I would not only tell the young kids to work hard in football I would also try to set an example to them of how to be a good all around person .That includes how you treat others and most importantly how you are in the classroom. Being a college football player gives me a huge opportunity to get my word out and set a great example to the youngins who look up to me.

Music for the Soul

I am comparing “A Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cook and “Be Free” by J.Cole.Both of these songs come from artist that are very passionate about the African American living.These artist have songs that really touch your soul and have very powerful meanings. These two songs are similar because they both can be considered soul songs due to the way they make you feel when listening.When you listen to these songs you can really feel it in your soul that African American lives have been changed.Both of these songs have lyrics that you not only hear you feel because they are so deep.These songs are very similar in ways but you cant deny that they were made  50 years apart . Sam Cook’s song is talking about how change is going to come while J.Cole’s song is primary talking about how we as African Americans need to change.Cook’s song is based on the problems we had in the 60’s where Cole’s song is based on problems that we have today . J.Cole talks about brothers not having degrees and how we are spending money on materialist items while we have brothers who are struggling to live.On the flips side Cook primary focus is that we have had it hard but we are not going to give up because change is coming.While listing to his song you get a sense of faith that everything is going to be OK.Each of these songs real my soul for change is a drastic way. “Be Free” reaches my soul because it hurts hearing about how we are living and how much more we could do to affect African American Lives in a positive way.”A Change is Going to Come” affects  my soul also because it is predicting change that was well needed. These two songs were made in different times and talk about different things but at the same time they both deliver a strong message straight to your soul.