Is No Social Media Possible?

The world without social media is long gone. Gone because social media has literally took over he world. The world has come to a social media spectrum, that is being taken in many different ways everyday. Different social media is being made everyday so that when the top ones like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, fall there will be another social media outlet to evolve into the next best thing.

I don’t think there will be a day without social media in the future. Social media has came too far in the world of networking. Social media has taken the world in a new direction. The world without social media would be more peaceful, it will be a world that is more sacred and prosperous. Social media has ruined relationships that have been together for years. Social media is something that i think should be done away with. people would be less hateful willing to work for what they want. Social media has ruined the world.


Lauryn Hill: Forgive Them Father

When it comes to hip hop and a woman MC Lauryn Hill is the first person people think of. They think of her because of what she stands for. She stands for women as a culture. She sets an example of what a woman is supposed to look like. Her music is what people hear and they feel exactly what she is going through and what many women go through on a daily basis. Lauryn also makes her music open to Males, she makes every day issues come to light. When a woman can make music that a man can relate too, she has done her job. Lauryn Hill has a song “Forgive Them Father” and it touches on my experiences here at The University Of Virginia. The song talks to me personally, it tells me to forgive the people who live their lives in ignorance. Ignorance is a vast part of the UVA community. People who are brought up in mainly rich neighborhoods and schools who were both predominantly white. The only thing wrong with that is that they do not recognize black people as equal to them. Sad but the white community at UVA does not see the students of color as deserving of the education that they are getting. “Forgive them Father” talks to me because it is saying that they do not know any better and was not raised in a social diverse society. “Beware the false motives of others Be careful of those who pretend to be brothers And you never suppose it’s those who are closest to you, to you They say all the right things to gain their position Then use your kindness as their ammunition To shoot you down in the name of ambition, they do ” The quote shows the same actions that many of the white students of the UVA community act.

Why violence?

When watching the Rodney King documentary, it opened my eyes to a world filled with hate.  Hate not for a certain person but for a certain race. It showed how many black people all over the world felt and how many wanted to take action. Well when the Rodney King beating got shown the black people of LA took it into their own hands on who was going to give the justice.  The police officers were let off which made black people as a race feel as though they meant nothing.  I felt as I was inferior just by watching the documentary.  I think sometimes anger gets so boiled up and over that things like the riot must take place. Things like that must happen so the white people will see how angered and fed up with the situation the black nation was. It was ok for the black people to take their anger out in this rioting way. Many people thought the peaceful way to this situation was the answer. Yes that could of been a good way to this problem but many people were fed up with how things were going and how people have been getting treated over the years. Many people thought actions should be done immediately and with force.

My believe the black race wanted to give the beating to the police and white race that the black race had been receiving for years. They were being taken advantage of because of the color of their skin.

Broadening My World Through Word of Mouth

When thinking about word of mouth, it is something that is lost in today’s society. Word of mouth was and in my opinion still is the best way to hear about a person’s work or services. Services that people need are what people are missing today. There are many things that people are talking about and selling that people do not need. When I think about need, I think about young children who need help with wanting to learn and knowing that an education is something they will need in life. I have seen many kids who are elementary school who cannot do basic math problems or even read at the right level but can play the new video game that just came out and be better than myself. I see this as a problem because I see myself in these kids. These kids hate school and learning because it is not “fun” or “easy”.

I would broaden my world by taking these children and show them where I have come from. I would show them the path that I took was not the easiest or best route to take. These kids would then broaden my world for me. They would tell pother people about how I hopefully helped them make a better decision about school and wanting to learn. I could then take social media and use it to my benefit and spread the word. Word of mouth is still the best way to get an outcome of better results. Seeing someone who’s life has been changed and listen to them tell how they are now in a better situation is the b4est way to learn about something.


Taking My World To The Bigger Picture

When thinking about my individual world, I see many opportunities. With my life as a football there have been plenty of different windows that opened up for me to take my life. With social media it has given this generation of people a huge opportunity to reach millions of people. People today are always looking for new ways to meet new people and explore new topics. Through social media I would take a topic like youths and their education and get many people to see that it is a problem. In today’s world there are many children who know how to play Xbox and PlayStation games but do not know how to read. They do not have the people to show them that it is important to be an educated person in this world. To be specific many black youths are the ones that are being told that they don’t need school or do not need college.

I would take my concerns to social media and try and travel not only around the United States but around the world. There are many different around the world that looks specifically at adolescences education. The United States is a nation where this freedom is taken advantage of. I would broaden my world by first traveling. While traveling I would learn something new so I would be practicing what I would be preaching. While traveling the first place I would explore and learn is the continent of Africa. That continent has many things that the U.S. could learn from. Taking my football image and traveling throughout the world to spread awareness for young people willing to learn and showing them that being educated is something important and fun.

Change Through Music

When thinking about songs from the 1960s i could only think of a few artist. Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, and Ottis Redding. they came to mind because when growing up my mother played many of their songs. Compared to days music there is not much to compare. The artist of the time period brought what it seemed to be more “soul” and feeling. Don’t get me wrong there are artist of todays time that can put out a goof song but it is always a different feeling when the song come on. Sam Cooke’s Bring it On Home is one that i chose. It speaks about how he wants his woman back and what she means to him. He goes on to say how he is her slave which tells the listener what time period they are in. Chris Brown is an artist of today that I see a little of Sam Cooke in him. he brings soul out when he starts to sing some songs. I chose the song Don’t Think They Know because Asliya brings a more serious tone to the song. In the song he is talking about how change is going to come within his relationship and in the hood. the Video shows that people are only seen in red which shows the good gang that is popular among many young people coming up today.