Blog Post #13: What happens if there IS no Social Media as we know it?

I feel like i always hear this question from adults who are not sold on social media and i see a bunch of articles on it. Frankly, if there was no social media it would suck, and for very obvious reasons. I think it is known across the board that Social Media is the greatest way to get updated on the news, hear about sporting events, and just the best way to stay up to date on the important as well as the unimportant events going on. For me, i use social media a ton. I love to tweet, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, all of it. It is one of my hobbies and always keeps me entertained even on the most boring of days. Vine is another form of social media and i always find myself laughing at the videos that are posted on there. It is a non-stop way to keep yourself occupied and gain knowledge at the same time. I have learned more and found out more information through social media than any other magazine or newspaper or news channel that I’ve seen. It makes learning more fun, and it is a never ending supply of information. Yes, it does come with its negatives of course. Not all the sources that you’ll see on social media are necessarily trustworthy, and a lot of the information you can find can be biased information. As long as you are smart with what you believe in, and not make social media your entire life, there is no way that it can be a negative. It has the power to promote incredible organizations and movements, it can keep you updated with your favorite sports teams and results, and it can connect people from all over the earth! How can i imagine in a life were there is NO social media?! It would suck!!

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