Blog Post #12: What has been the most impactful hashtag campaign and why?

Over the last couple of years there have been many hashtag campaigns that have carried their own power in many ways. We are lucky to live in a world where information and messages can be spread so easily. In a time where there is a lot going on in the world, these hashtag campaigns are even more important and the one i think stands out the most and has had the biggest impact on our society is #blacklivesmatter. This hashtag started right after the awful series of events in Ferguson Missouri. It united black people all across the United States as well as people of other ethnicities like myself and i think it was a great way to start spreading the information on an ongoing problem in our country. It occurs way too often in this country that black people are taken advantage of and face brutality for unjust reasons. The Treyvon Martin Case ended with a terrible outcome, the Michael Brown case ended with a terrible outcome and if we just let these things slide, more families and citizens will go through these horrendous situations. I first saw #blacklivesmatter on twitter and immediately i clicked on the link and read so many different opinions and feedback on the issue. People from all across the world were interacting with one another and having their voices heard. There is nothing stronger than a voice to the ears of the public. Without this hashtag i am sure that there would be attention given to these cases, but this hashtag has allowed the people who are effected most by it to come together as one and deal with it. Famous Professional athletes got on board and wore T-Shirts during the warm ups of their games, famous celebrities joined in on it as well and the messages were finally heard. Of course it was not something that changed over night but as long as the movement keeps going, great things will happen.

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