Blog Post #11: What’s the role of women in Hip Hop and Social Revolution?

I think the role of women in Hip Hop and Social Revolution is simply outstanding. In my other AAS class i learned about how difficult it was for women to have any kind of say in our society and their voices were pretty much unheard of. Many powerful women in the 1960’s and 1970’s had to become leaders and create change so the women in the modern days can be put in the positions they are in. There are many women in Hip Hop that are “running the game” and two examples id like to use are Nicki Minaj, and Beyonce. These are two women who came from very difficult backgrounds. There was little to no hope for them to make a name for themselves and they beat the odds. Beyonce has become an idol and inspiration to so many young women (white and black) and has also been an example for women all across the globe. She has always maintained her class, and has been one of the most consistent artists that the music industry has ever seen. She has acquired the nicknames “Queen B” or even sometimes just the “Queen” from how she carries herself and the way she lives her life. Nicki Minaj has also become an inspiration and shaped the way women are seen in Hip Hop today. Nicki Minaj is seen as rough, talented, and beautiful all in one. She has the incredible ability to carry this confidence about her and rap in a genre that is mostly males. She not only keeps up with these other artists but shines like a diamond. She gives hope to many women across the world that even if you are going up against men and the numbers are against you, you can become whoever you want if there is a will. These two men have done amazing things for females across the world and we are lucky to be blessed by what they do.

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