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Everything we have covered in class ultimately refers to the Walter Fisher Narrative Paradigm, being that the concept is adopted from storytelling. This concept relies on the belief that communication occurs in the form of a story between a narrator and a listener.

The Walter Fisher Narrative Paradigm relates to the four units we have discussed this semester of slavery, the civil rights movement, hip hop, and the progression of social media. Firstly, nature ultimately relates to the ways humans are inherently storytellers. We are all storytellers by nature. In reference to slavery, slaves would use songs and cryptic messages/stories to relay their point. An example of this is Harriet Tubman’s song “Wade in the Water”, which instructed slaves to get in the water in order to avoid being seen. In class, we also acted as storytellers by using a blog to relay our thoughts and stances on subject matters. Stories are constantly being told, whether it be catching up with an old friend and reminiscing about old times, or telling a friend about something that happened the past week. People are constantly relaying messages through stories.

Next, beliefs and behaviors, expound on the idea that human’s beliefs and behaviors are always for good reason. This “good reason” relies on the individuals themselves. This causes me to think of stories in which are only told to help others, such as motivational speaking. Hip hop for example is precisely stories being told, and most of which is for good reason in order to inspire others and speak on past events in which their personal situation or experience can be beneficial to others. Culture influences what one believes to be that “good reason”.

Culture involves that of customs, beliefs, stereotypes, and mainly, history. This causes me to relate it to the civil rights movement and history in general. Throughout the civil rights movement, African Americans were collectively working towards a common good of putting an end to discrimination and racial segregation. They used walks and protests in order to get their message or “story” across to others for “good reason”.

Lastly, is choice. Humans have a choice in almost every single thing they do whether it be what they physically do or mentally believe to be true. We can decide to follow one path, but stray from the path at any point. This causes me to think of social media in the fact that every single thing we post, like, favorite, retweet, etc. spawns directly from personal choice. What we upload to social media networks is what we decide to portray to the outside world; what we allow others to see/know, and eventually for them to create personal opinions of who they think we are.

This semester here at the University has been a bit of an experience. A lot of things have been going on across the nation involving black lives. In the past when instances like this occurred the only people I could talk these things over with would be my family and some close friends. SC4SC gave me another outlet to talk these things over with. From the first few days of class when we started to listen to music and tried to find the messages behind them, I knew that I would enjoy this class. This class was the first class I’ve ever been apart of that actually lets you keep it real. The topics in this class talked about things that relate to me.
Social Media is a sound platform to get a message to the entire world. Therefore, one can express personal views on social, political, and economical topics. Furthermore, individuals can listen to other individuals with different worldly experiences to educate themselves and gain a better knowledge of various beliefs around the world. Social Media can be the basis for spreading thoughts and knowledge acquisition. Social media poses a great platform for gaining a broader view of the world and expanding oneself. Social media is used for a variety of different things. When it comes to personal use, I believe that it is vital in order to stay up to date with current events, friends, and family.
Throughout the class I’ve noticed how things like social media and blog posts really connect people and groups. In some of the blog posts we had throughout the semester we had to get people from outside of the class to join in on our blog posts. When asking for their help with this they didn’t hesitate to give me their response. Many people loved the opportunity to voice their opinions on certain situations happening. SC4SC was exactly this to me. When situations were going on across the country that were affecting black, we got the chance to sit down and actually talk about what was going on, and see how it affects our community.
This class has taught me how powerful social media is. No matter who you are it allows everyone to have a voice. Social Media allows even the smallest of voices to be heard. Its an easy way to spread propaganda. With Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sources being of high use today social media can help people get on the same page. It can help start the process in cities and towns of social reform, no social change can be directly started by social media but it can be a huge stepping stone in creating social change. It has the ability to connect people, inform people, and become a start of social change people want to see. In the Martese Johnson incident that happened right here on the corner, social media was what gave this incident the national exposure. Social media helped spread the message throughout the community. Another example of this is the police brutality that’s been going on a lot lately in the past few months. Cameras, and phones have been capturing the violent acts that police have been doing lately. Twitter and Instagram and other medias have been exposing what has been going, and they trying to reach out to show that somethings needs to be done to stop all of this

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