I really have not had the most positive experiences since enrolling at The University of Virginia. I transferred to UVA after completing my freshmen or first year at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.  I decided to transfer, not because I did not like Emory, or thought it lacked in any significant way uncommon to universities across the country, but because it was not necessarily the college experience that I wanted.

You know I think I was duped in part by the media and societal expectations of what college is supposed to be like.  All of that “college is supposed to be the best days of your life” stuff had me tripping. Like I guess I fed into the hype.

So, maybe my expectations were a bit too high when coming here.

I mean it been okay I guess, being a transfer student welcomes its own specific problems, and then being a black student compounds this issue even further.

So a song off the The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill that relates to my UVA experience eh…..


I guess if I did have to choose a song that symbolizes my attitude towards UVA it would be “To Zion”.

The song is mostly about “going against the grain”, committing to something unconventional, following your heart etc.

And while I would not classify my move to the University of Virginia as some rebellious act, I think my attitude towards life has morphed in response to my consistent dissatisfaction (which did not start while at UVA).

I see all these bumps in the road as a means to an end, I feel as if I am not suffering in vain (dramatic right ?) and eventually all roads will lead to Zion.

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