Women in Hip Hop?

Well I feel like I am not necessarily equipped to speak about “Women in Hip Hop” beacause my exposure to female Hip Hop Artists is extremely limited.

But two emcees that poo into my head is

1. Lil Kim

The Queen Bee is number one for obvious reasons… see my first blog post


2. Nicki Minaj

As she has a monopoly on the female rap game at this time.

Yet, I admire but am troubled by the very things that have catapulted them to infamy.

These two women are clearly hypersexualized, however I do not always see this as a negative thing. Yes, I am aware of the controlling Jezebel image of black women and this is a tool of dehumanization as we are valued for our parts rather than our person.


Women are sexual creatures.

And to deny this fact, I believe is also to deny our humanity as well.

So I can appreciate a woman, especially a black women who is not afraid of expressing their sexuality.

However, what I do take issue with, is that in hip hop, the ways in which female sexuality is represented is towards appeasing the male gaze. For example, Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”  the content of the song and its accompanying video makes it clear that it is (in  my opinion) geared towards the arousal or stimulation of heterosexual men. Now, it is completely her prerogative to present herself in this manner, but I only question why is this the only or most prominent ways in which we are able to view female sexuality?

How do we change this? Is it worth changing?

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