Lauryn Hill

For this weeks blog post I am going to talk about a song called “If I Ruled the World” by Nas and Lauryn Hill. I choose this song because when I was listening to it  made me think of change. In this song you hear all the things that Nas and Lauryn Hill would change if they ruled the world and they talk about a lot of the problems that were going on at the time. Nas talks about how it would be without cops harassing people and welfare. Lauryn Hill’s hook is “if I ruled the world , I would free up all my sons” This is indicating black men in jail for crime and how deeply she wishes she could change this problem . This relates to UVA because there are a lot of changes that I would make if I ruled the school. I would change the harassment of police to our students and I would make this university I more diverse place. The police harassment is very sad to see and walking around seeing a very unmatched ration of white people to black people is something I would love to see change. This school is a very good school that has gives a lot of our black youth to change their life for the better but I don’t think this university is giving enough young black people an opportunity to change their life. Relating to this song called “If I Ruled the World” I would change it up and say “if I ruled UVA,” and it would be a much better experience for not only the black students here but for the whole student body. This song by Nas and Lauryn Hill really hit me and made me think of change for the world but also here at my school.

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