America Without Social Media

Social media has changed the ways of America in many different aspects. It has had both positive and negative influences on society. The quickness and easy access to communicate with other people in distant areas has been one of the best outcomes of social media. In recent history, we have seen how it was able to aid those families who were separated from each other due to Hurricane Katrina. Without social media they would have had no way to find and communicate with one another to know of their conditions, whereabouts, and any other information needed after the devastating natural disaster. Without social media, many of these families would still be uncertain of a loved ones location or even if they had survived the hurricane. Another way social media has benefitted society is by being able to be a useful tool in business and advertisement. Many businesses have begun to use social websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to advertise their products or services nationwide and extremely quick opposed to the previous word of mouth, print ads, and other non-social media ways. On the other hand, social media has definitely had its negative effects on society. People have become less social and lost basic skills and comfortability to interact with one another in person because of social media. It is as if online some feel more comfortable expressing certain things than in real life. Also, these social websites somewhat create a sense of protection for people, they become more bold and mean than they could ever be in person. This is a contributing factor to the increase of cyber bullying. I cannot count how many videos of someone being embarrassed or beat up and the posts talking about someone else in a horrible way. It is like our youth uses social media as a new battle ground.

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