Songs(Changed from comment to an actual Post)

Since we actually have to sing in front of the class for being late , I plan on being there 10 mins early but if i was late for some reason there is a couple songs I would prefer to sing. My first choice would be “Count up” by Young Scooter.That is my first selection because its one of my favorite songs right now which means i know most of the lyrics. My second choice would have to be “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap because it is a very popular song right now that many of my classmates could vibe to while I’m performing . My last selection comes from my favorite rapper in the game , Curren$y. I would choice his song called “Jet Life” . This is a song I’ve known for a couple years and know the lyrics very well. Since hearing about this new late policy I plan on being early to class rather than late, but if i was late those are my three songs that I would prefer to sing in front of the class.

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