My word

Me being a college football at a premier University would give me a huge advantage getting my word out to people. If I had a passion about something that was important and could change the world and really wanted people to hear about it, they would. A lot of people look up to college football players and don’t expect them to have much to say about social change, so if I was to step up and say something it would really be recognized. You have to think about the college football stars like Jameis Winston and Amari Cooper who are known all around the country. They have thousands of followers and if they wanted to get their word out if would be as easy as just making a tweet. I think it would be more of a challenge for regular people who told play sports to get their word out because they are not as known and would have to start from the bottom. I plan on working hard and doing my thing on the field so more people will get to know me and see what I am about. Even though I don’t have much of a word I still feel like I can set a good example to the younger kids who are aspiring to play football also. I feel like even if you don’t have something to say about social change you can still affect the lives of others. I would not only tell the young kids to work hard in football I would also try to set an example to them of how to be a good all around person .That includes how you treat others and most importantly how you are in the classroom. Being a college football player gives me a huge opportunity to get my word out and set a great example to the youngins who look up to me.

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