Music for the Soul

I am comparing “A Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cook and “Be Free” by J.Cole.Both of these songs come from artist that are very passionate about the African American living.These artist have songs that really touch your soul and have very powerful meanings. These two songs are similar because they both can be considered soul songs due to the way they make you feel when listening.When you listen to these songs you can really feel it in your soul that African American lives have been changed.Both of these songs have lyrics that you not only hear you feel because they are so deep.These songs are very similar in ways but you cant deny that they were made¬† 50 years apart . Sam Cook’s song is talking about how change is going to come while J.Cole’s song is primary talking about how we as African Americans need to change.Cook’s song is based on the problems we had in the 60’s where Cole’s song is based on problems that we have today . J.Cole talks about brothers not having degrees and how we are spending money on materialist items while we have brothers who are struggling to live.On the flips side Cook primary focus is that we have had it hard but we are not going to give up because change is coming.While listing to his song you get a sense of faith that everything is going to be OK.Each of these songs real my soul for change is a drastic way. “Be Free” reaches my soul because it hurts hearing about how we are living and how much more we could do to affect African American Lives in a positive way.”A Change is Going to Come” affects¬† my soul also because it is predicting change that was well needed. These two songs were made in different times and talk about different things but at the same time they both deliver a strong message straight to your soul.

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