Curriculum Vitae






Department of Philosophy, 120 Cocke Hall, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia 22904-4780.



Ph.D., Philosophy, Stanford University, l976.

M.S., Statistics, Stanford University, 1974.

M.A., Philosophy, Stanford University, 1974.

B.Sc., Logic and Physics, University of Sussex, 1971.



Commonwealth Professor of Philosophy, University of Virginia, 2013-

Co-Director, Human and Machine Intelligence Group, 2017-

Co-Director, Centre for the Study of Data and Knowledge, 2014-

Professor, University of Virginia, 1991-2013

Associate Professor, University of Virginia, 1984-1991.

Assistant Professor, University of Virginia, 1978-84.

Research Associate, Sociology Department, Stanford University, Fall 1975.

Visiting appointments at Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris; Institut d’Histoire et Philosophie des Sciences et des Techniques, Paris; UCLA (twice); Stanford University; University of Arizona; University of Pittsburgh (Center for Philosophy of Science and Philosophy Department); C.S.U. Long Beach.



See Publications Page


`Scientific versus Analytic Metaphysics’. A review essay of Everything Must Go by James Ladyman and Don Ross (with John Collier and Don Spurrett). Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007. Metascience 19 (2010)

`Invariance, Explanation, and Understanding’. A review essay of Making Things Happen by James Woodward. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003. Metascience

Review of Models as Mediators, M.Morgan and M. Morrison (eds). Studies in the History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 33B (2002), pp. 374-377.

Review Essay on Causation and Explanation by Wesley Salmon. The Journal of Philosophy 97 (2000).

Review of Four Decades of Scientific Explanation by Wesley Salmon. Mind  (1992).

Review of Nuts and Bolts for the Social Sciences by Jon Elster, Philosophy of the Social Sciences (1991).

Review of Scientific Explanation and the Causal Structure of the World by Wesley Salmon, Foundations of Physics (1986).

Review of One World and Our Knowledge of It by Jay F. Rosenberg, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 34 (1983).

Review of Hans Reichenbach: Logical Empiricist, W. Salmon (ed.), Philosophy of Science 49 (1982).

Review of Science, Belief, and Behaviour: Essays in Honour of R.B. Braithwaite, D.H. Mellor (ed.), Philosophical Review 91 (1982).

Review of Inference, Method, and Decision by Roger Rosenkrantz, International Studies in Philosophy 13 (1980).

Review of Plausible Reasoning by Nicholas Rescher, Journal of Symbolic Logic 43 (1978).


Accessible and Inaccessible Disciplines: Why Philosophy and Science are Similar but are Treated Differently. Blog of the APA October 24 2016.

Preface (in French) to Marion Vorms, Qu’appelle-t-on <<théorie scientifique>> aujourd’hui? Paris: Vuibert, 2012

Foreword to Ontology, Epistemology, and Teleology for Modeling and Simulation, Andreas Tolk (ed). Springer Intelligent Systems Library, 2012.

“Runway” pp. 72-74 in See ‘Ville Run: A Collection of Running Tales. Heather H. Ramsey (ed). Charlottesville: Pathbinder Publishing, 2005.

“Rationality and the New Philosophy of Science”, Loki Science Magazine, May 1983.


Co-PI (with S. Hartmann (Tilburg), R. Frigg (LSE), J. Dubucs (Paris), J. Diez (Barcelona)) for Dutch Science Foundation (NWO) grant `Modeling in the Social and Behavioral Sciences’ 2010-2012.

American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship, 2008-2009.

Professeur des Universités 1ère classe, Ecole Normale Supérieure ,June 2008.

NSF Scholars Award `Concepts of Dynamic Emergence’ for Spring 2006.

Chercheur associé étranger research fellowship, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, September 1 2005-November 30 2006.

Co-Director (with William Wimsatt) Two conferences on Modelling and Simulation, March 1998 and October 1998. NSF Grant SES 9618078.

NSF Travel Award, Summer 1995.

IUHPS/AFOS Grant, Summer 1994.

ACLS Travel Award, Summer 1994.

NSF Research Grant SBER93-11982 “Levels of Scientific Understanding” Summer 1993.

Director, NEH Summer Seminar for College Teachers “Explanation, Causation and Empiricism”. University of Virginia, June 10 – August 2, 1991. Repeated in new form as “Causation, Explanation and Empiricism” University of Virginia, June 19 – August 11, 1995.

NSF Research Grant DIR-89-ll393 “Methodological Issues in Computer Simulation”, Summers l989, l990.

Project Director, NEH conference on The Autonomy of Philosophy. University of Virginia, April l986.

NSF Scholars Award SES 84-l0898 “The Bearing of Formal Methods in the Social Sciences on the Unity of Science Thesis” l984_85.

Fellowship, Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh, l983-84.

Sesquicentennial Awards, Center for Advanced Studies, University of Virginia, l983-84, Fall 1990, Spring 1996, Fall 2001, Fall 2008.

National Science Foundation Research Grant SES-82-05563, Summer l983.

University of Virginia Faculty Research Awards, Summer l982, Summer l988, Summer 1996.

National Science Foundation Research Grant SOC-77-08837, Summer l978.

Fulbright-Hays Travel Award l97l.

English Speaking Union Fellow l97l.


Series Editor, Oxford Studies in the Philosophy of Science 1999-

Senior Editor, Oxford Research Reviews 2012 – 2016

Editor, Synthese, 1990-1998. Area editor, General philosophy of science and methodology, 2007-2011 ; Editorial Board 2012 – ; Review Editor, l988-1998.

Executive and Founding Editor, Foundations of Science, 1993-1998

Editorial Boards, Philosophy of Science, 1991-2009 ; Foundations of Science, 1999 – ; Consulting Editor, Episteme, 2003-. Scientific Committee Lato Sensu: Revue de la Société de philosophie des sciences 2011 – ; American Philosophical Quarterly 1985-89, 1990-93, 1999-2006; Advisory Board Logos and Episteme: An International Journal of Epistemology. (Romanian Academy of Sciences). Consulting Editor  Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 2014 –

Reviewer for Mathematical Reviews 2010-2014

Guest Editor, The Monist issue on Models and Simulations (June 2014)

National Board of Officers, American Philosophical Association, July 2007- 2010

Chair, Committee on International Cooperation, American Philosophical   Association, July 2007-July 2010

Governing Board, Philosophy of Science Association, 1997-2001.

Chairman, Nominating Committee, Philosophy of Science Association 1988-89.

Chair, Philosophy of Science Association Essay Prize Competitions 1998, 2004.

Vice-President, Association for the Foundations of Science, 1995-99.

Philosophy Documentation Center Governing Board, 2001-

National Review Panel, Philosophy Fellowships, National Endowment for the Humanities, 2005; NEH Philosophy and Religion Summer Seminars, 1992, 1995.

Associate, Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh, 1995-

University of Virginia: Chairman, Philosophy Department, 1996-97; 1999- 2004. Summer Chairman, 1980, 1981, 1999-2001, 2002-2004. Director of Undergraduate Studies, 1981-83, 85-89, 92-94. Director of Graduate Studies, 1989-90, 1994-95. Director, Graduate Admissions, 2011 – 2014 , Cognitive Science Program Supervisory Committee 1992-2015. Arts & Sciences Promotion and Tenure Committee 1994, 1995. Lower Division Advisor, 1981-83, 2002-. Echols Scholars advisor 1993-2001 . Echols Faculty Fellow 2014- ,Faculty Associate, Echols-Humphreys Association, 1982-83.


Podcast  (with Zac Irving) on emergence, mindwandering, and AI.

`Varieties of Emergence’ at the Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan. January 5-12 2019

Stuttgart High Performance Computing Centre, Stuttgart,Germany.  November 28-30 2018

` Representational Opacity’ at the Epistemic opacity in computer simulation and machine learning conference

Arts on Grounds interview, WTJU September 15 2017

`Big Data and Representational Opaqueness’ University of Chinese Academy of Sciences September 2017

`Fundamentals of Emergence’, `Transformational Emergence', Big Data and Representational Opaqueness’, `Computational Philosophy’, four lectures at Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China, September 2017.

`Patrick Suppes: Some Personal Recollections’ APA Pacific Division Meetings, April 2016 (available at the Pitt Archives).

`Transformational Emergence’, Keynote speech, conference on Emergence, University of Colorado at Boulder, October 2015.

`Selective Realism in Simulations’ Computer Simulations in Science invited symposium, American Philosophical Association Eastern Division meetings, Washington DC, January 2016. (written but not delivered)

`Transformational Emergence’ Keynote lecture, conference on Emergence, University of Colorado at Boulder, October 2015. Also given in revised form at Duke University, April 2016; Université catholique de Louvain, May 2016.

`How Formal Models Cross Scientific Fields’, Studying Knowledge Transfer and its Context, Center for Advanced Study, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, September 2015

Principal Lecturer, summer school on The Computational Turn, Vienna, July 4-18 2015

Participant, Symposium on the Humanistic and Societal Implications of Astrobiology, Library of Congress, May 2015

`Ontological Emergence’, invited symposiast, American Philosophical Association Eastern Division meetings, Philadelphia, December 2014

`The Dynamics of Emergence’, Emergence and Reduction workshop, IHPST Paris, October 2014.

`Propensities and Statistical Models’ Institute of Philosophy, London, October 2014.

`Inferring the Explanatory Role of Causal Models in Complex Systems’, Causality and Complexity in the Sciences conference, University of Cologne, September 2014.

“Emergence: A Tutorial for Astrophysicists and Philosophers”, Cognitive Astrophysics workshop, Carnegie Observatories, Pasadena, January 2014

`The Dynamics of Emergence’ Between Biology and Physics Conference, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and Tel Aviv University, Israel, December 2012.

`Testing Models of Complex Systems’, PSA 2012, San Diego, CA, November 2012.

“The Use of Stylized Facts in Social Models”, Explanation, Models, And Simulation In Social And Behavioral Sciences Workshop, Barcelona October 2012.

`The Epistemological Status of Data from Computed Tomography Models and Simulations 5, Helsinki, June 2012

`”Models of Data” Fifty Years On’, symposium for Patrick Suppes’ 90th birthday, Stanford University March 2012

`Ising Models: Interpretation and Computational Issues, Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft e.V., Berlin, March 2012

`What Counts as Data? Simulations, CT Scans, and Optical Telescopes’, Computer Simulations and the Changing Face of Experiments conference, University of Stuttgart, September 2011.

‘Some Differences Between Data from Simulations and Experiments’, invited lecture, 14th Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Nancy, France, July 2011

‘Scientific Ontology and Speculative Ontology’, University of Valparaiso, Chile, July 2011

‘Contextual Emergence’ , Sociedad Argentina de Análisis Filosófico, Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 2011; University of Barcelona, June 2011, Center for Philosophy of Science Annual Lecture Series 50th Anniversary, University of Pittsburgh, November 2010.

‘The Simulation Game’, Conference on Knowing and Understanding Through Computer Simulations, Paris, June 2011

`Analytic and Scientific Metaphysics’, APA Pacific Division meetings, April 2011

`The Solitary Philosopher and the Collaborating Scientist’, APA Pacific Division meetings, April 2011

`Unknowable Truths’ Virginia Commonwealth University, February 2011

`Modern Computational Science’, Guangzhou Higher Education MegaCenter, December 2010.

`The Mind and Its Relation to Physics’, South China Normal University, December 2010.

`The Knowledge Paradox and Cognitive Capabilities.’ Plenary address, Limits of the Knowledge Society conference, Romanian Academy, Iasi Romania, October 2010.

`The Limits of Knowledge’, Scientific Achievement: Progress and Problems workshop, University of Pittsburgh, September 2010.

`What Simulations Can Do That Experiments Cannot’, Artificial Life XII Conference, Odense, Denmark, August 2010

`Some Relations Between Formal Structure and Conceptual Content in Simulations’, Keynote Talk, 3rd Complex Systems Modeling and Simulations Workshop, Odense, Denmark, August 2010

`Causality in Science’, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto, June 2010.

“Qualitative versus Quantitative Modeling in the Social Sciences”, Paris, May 2010

Plenary workshop participant on Exploring the Methodology of Simulations, Models and Simulations 4 conference, University of Toronto, May 2010.

`Reduction and Emergence’, Conference in Honor of Bill Wimsatt, University of Chicago, April 2010

`Origins, Foundations, and Philosophical Views on Emergence’, CNRS conference on The Origins of the Universe, Paris, March 2010

`Computer Simulations and Materiality’, IHPST workshop on Thought Experiments and Computer Simulations, Paris, March 2010

`Metaphysics for Metahumans’, Does Scientific Naturalism Exclude Metaphysics? conference, University of Alabama, Birmingham, November 2009. (video available on-line)

`Holism, Self-Organization, and Conceptual Emergence in Physical and Social Systems’, Institute for Complexity Sciences, Arrábida, Portugal, July 2009

`The Interface Problem of Computer Simulations’, keynote address at Science College, Ruhr University Bochum, June 2009


`Emergence and Logical Analysis’ Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, May 2009

Seminar Presentation on Extending Ourselves, Chinese Society for the Dialectics of Nature, Beijing, May 2009.

`Why is Mathematics Applicable?’ Beijing Normal University, China, May 2009

`Probabilities and Chances’ IHPST/Konstanz conference on probability and causality in physics and biology, Paris, February 2009.

Three lectures on emergence. University of Hyderabad, India, December 2008.

`Templates, Complexity, and Automated Science’, Keynote Address, APCAP, Indian Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India.

`Endogenous Uncertainty and the Dynamics of Social Constraints’, poster presentation at National Academy of Sciences Keck Futures Initiative on Complexity Theory, November 2008

`Computational Epistemology: Avoiding the Anthropocentric Trap’, Conference on Simulations and Social Epistemology, University of Leuven, October 2008

`Emergence’, Chicago Humanities Festival, Chicago, October 2008.

`Analytic Metaphysics and Scientific Metaphysics’, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, June 2008

`Propensities and Probabilities’, IHPST, Paris, June 2008

`On Computational Templates, IHPST, Paris, June 2008

`A Defence of Ontological Emergence’, International School on Complexity 9 :Emergence in the Physical and Biological Worlds, Ettore Majorana Foundation, Sicily, April 2008.

`Computational Templates: Representation and Application’, University of Helsinki, November 2007.

`Theories for Agent Based Simulations’ Models and Simulation 2, Tilburg University, Netherlands, October 2007.

Presentation at Idealizations Workshop, Tilburg University, Netherlands, October 2007.

`Computational Science as a Revolutionary Development’ ZiF, Bielefeld, Germany, September 2007.

`Three Concepts of Emergence’ Ohio University, September 2007, Virginia Commonwealth University, January 2008, University of Chicago, February 2008.

`Computational Templates as Representations’ 7th Understanding Complex Systems Symposium, University of Illinois, May 2007.

Presentation of an agent based model of constrained search strategies (with Tiha von Ghyczy), Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, February 2007.

Presentation at Symposium on Complex Systems Engineering, The RAND Corporation,   Santa Monica, January 2007.

`Computational and Conceptual Emergence’, Philosophy of Science Association   Biennial Meetings, Vancouver, November 2006.

`Computational Templates as Cross-Disciplinary Bridges’, Unity of Science Conference, Lisbon, October 2006.

`Synchronic and Diachronic Emergence’ Philosophy Department, University of Pennsylvania, September 2006.

`Philosophy of Computational Modeling’, Institute for Research in Cognitive Science, University of Pennsylvania, September 2006.

`Computer Simulations and the Philosophy of Science’, North American Computing and Philosophy Conference, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, August 2006. Abbreviated version given at HOPOS meetings, Paris, June 2006.

`Some Methodological Issues in Computer Simulations’, Keynote Address, First Annual Conference on Philosophical Issues in Models and Simulations, Paris, June 2006.

`From Telescopes to Transhumans’, Western Michigan University, February, 2006.

`Computer Assisted Mathematics’, Invited Address, Philosophy of Mathematics Special Interest Group at American Mathematical Society/Mathematical Association of America Joint Meetings, San Antonio, January 2006.

`Some Philosophical Issues in Computer Simulations’ (discussion with Peter Galison), IHPST, November 2006.

`Comments on Jean-Paul Delahaye’s `Ressemblance entre objets’, Ecole Normal Supérieure, September 2005.

`Horizontal Emergence’, Rutgers/Columbia conference on philosophy of physics, April 2005; symposium at APA Central Division meetings, April 2005, London School of Economics, June 2006.

`Response to Paul Teller and to Malcolm Forster’, Author Meets Critics session on Extending Ourselves, APA Pacific Division meetings, San Francisco, March 2005.

`Computational Science’, University of Maryland, College Park, February 2005

`Self-Assembling Systems’, symposium at Philosophy of Science Association meetings, Austin, Texas,November 2004

`Genetic Engineering, Nanotechnology, and the Human Future’ University of Virginia, June 2004.

Comments on James Woodward’s Making Things Happen, Author Meets Critics session, APA Central Division meetings, April 2004.

`Pattern Emergence’, conference on emergence, Institut d’Histoire et de Philosophie des Sciences et des Techniques, University of Paris I, April 2004; revised version given at Yale University, October 2004 and Western Michigan University, February 2006.

`Conflicts in Knowledge’ New Literary History symposium, University of Virginia, October 2003.

`Theories of Causation and Explanation: Contingently or Necessarily True?’ conference on Wesley Salmon’s work, Barcelona, August 2003.

`Computer Modelling’, conference on simulation and representation, ZiF, Bielefeld, Germany, June 2003.

`Two Models of Emergence’, Center for Complex Systems, University of Michigan, March 2003.

`Metaphors as Thought Amplifiers’, Santa Fe Institute, February 2003.

`A Taxonomy of Constraints’ conference on Space and Constraints, University of Virginia, August 2002.

`Philosophical Aspects of Causal Inference’, Graduate Student Summer Workshop on Methodology, Population Research Institute, Penn State University, July 2002.

`Agent-Based Models for Imitation and Strategy’, University of Konstanz, June 2002

`Chances’, All Souls College, Oxford, April 2002; University of Konstanz Philosophy Department, June 2002; University of Michigan Philosophy Department, March 2003.

Invited participant, National Cancer Institute Conference on Causal Inference, Snowbird, Utah, August 2001

`Automated Causal Reasoning” talk to UVA Cognitive Science Workshop, April 2001

`Judea Pearl’s Account of Causality”, Pacific Division APA meetings, March 2001

`Empiricism and the Limits of Scientific Knowledge”, Limits of Scientific Knowledge Workshop, University of Pittsburgh, February 2001.

`Twenty-First Century Empiricism” (3 lectures), Third Summer School on the Theory of Knowledge, Warsaw, Poland, August 2000.

`Complexity as a Modeling Tool”, University of Virginia Systems Engineering Department, March 2000.

`Scientific Empiricism”, Johns Hopkins University, April 2000 and University of Virginia, February 2000.


[Revised February 2016]


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