Paul Humphreys Home Page

Greetings! On this site you will find information about my research interests, publications, contact information
and more. My research interests tend to be eclectic, but they currently lie primarily in philosophical questions
concerning computational science,emergence, data science, general philosophy of science, and digital
humanities. Past research has been in causation and explanation, and the philosophy of probability. I’m always
willing to discuss epistemology, scientific metaphysics, logic, and some other topics. I co-direct two research
groups at UVA. details of which can be found via the links above.

I can be contacted at pwh2a AT virginia DOT edu

News: Two New Books

1. EMERGENCE: A PHILOSOPHICAL ACCOUNT. Oxford University Press  2016. A monograph covering ontological,
inferential, and conceptual emergence. Further information


2. OXFORD HANDBOOK OF PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE. Forty two chapters covering traditional and new topics in philosophy of science.Oxford University Press, 2016. Further information

handbook cover