We are delighted about your interest in Mindfulness and Compassion: Living Fully Personally and Professionally (NUIP 3030/PSYC 3559). Here is what you need to do to request permission to enroll:

First, to help you decide whether this course will meet your expectations, please look at the course description and assignments. These include a combination of scholarly investigation of each weekly topic, paired with regular contemplative practice that will include different meditations, application of mindfulness and prosocial practices in everyday life, and regular reflective writing. Please also read the advice from former students about how you can get most out of this class.

If, after reviewing the course information, you are interesting in enrolling, please submit a request in SIS under NUIP 3030 or PSYC 3559. In your justification section, please comment briefly on:

  1. your primary academic and non-academic interests
  2. your reasons for wanting to take this course: what you hope to gain from it?
  3. your experience with meditation (none is required, but minimal experience is helpful)
  4. your comfort with reading research papers in scientific journals (none required)
  5. your plan to contribute to a small intimate seminar community: What risks do you plan to take?
  6. your reaction to the course description and requirements
  7. your level of commitment to engaging in contemplative practices at least four times a week for 15 to 30 min
  8. confirm your ability to participate in a required  daylong retreat on Saturday, April 6, 2018, 9:30 AM–3:00 PM

There’s no need to compose anything formal—we expect you’ll be able to write this request in one sitting. We will begin reviewing applications on Sunday, December 9 and let you know within a week whether or not you have been accepted into the course.

In reviewing the applications, we will look for a mix of students, that is, a variety of intellectual and personal interests in the topic of our class, as well as an ability to fully commit to the course and regularly engage in class and with homework (contemplative) practices.