Testing new features Sept. 10th

meeting with Yitna to test the new features and clarifications provided by Rob. (Thanks, Rob. You are the best!)

1. after “select words” and then actually select any wordlist, need to click “>” to reflect the change. our suggestion would be to move “>” or create a new “update” or “go” button right near the dropdown menu

2. when we clicked “continue”, the selected wordlist wasn’t being sent back to the practice interface.


working on the interface of SGC

Yitna and I had a very productive meeting today on discussing how we might improve the interface of SGC. The following is an summary based on notes taken by Yitna and me.

We worked on three aspects of it:

1. cleaning up unnecessary buttons;
a) Install Lists: we don’t’ need it, never used it. Ask Rob about removing it. Is the “install list” button on the Settings page still necessary?

2. re-positioning some buttons;
a) This category seemed to involve some major work on Rob’s part. We would like to move the “select words” button from the back of the card, i.e., the “settings” page to the front, pinning it right under “Word List” as the third button beneath “Next”.
b) On “Settings” page move “Save Audio” to under Performance –> Save; combine through checkboxes save with/without audio options. “Save Audio” does not seem to be working though at this point.

3. re-naming some buttons;
a) Add “Word” to “previous” and “next” on main page
b) Add “your own” to play and record

4. adding some buttons.
a) On Select Words page add tool for check/select one or multiple word lists.
d) On Select Words page add “select tones” instructional text in drop down
e) Add Share button with standard options.

We also emailed Rob about “select words” (both moving it upfront and adding more features on its page) and “save audio”.

We’ll be meeting again after the pre-semester hectics quiet down a bit. Before that we will communicate and work on things via emails.