Resources for Management Communication

According to Mary Munter and Lynn Hamilton in Guide to Managerial Communication, 10th edition, “Managerial communication is different from other kinds of communication….Because in a business or management setting, the most brilliant message in the world will do you no good unless you achieve your desired outcome.”

AGuide to Managerial Communicationt the McIntire School, our objective is to equip students with a strong ability to use communication strategically to achieve “desired outcomes” in a range of professional settings.  The resources we offer here extend our classroom practices to the conversation at large about strategic communication.  You’ll find resources that are rich with best practices and current trends in business communication.

McIntire offers tutors in various disciplines to help maximize student success in its programs, and the communication tutor specializes in writing and speaking support.  Contact Sally Armentrout, Director of Student Life, for information about the communication tutor. Her phone number is 434-243-1719, and her email address is

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