E-portfolio Consultants

E-Portfolio WordPress & Digication Workshop

For instructors & students

If you would like assistance with your Electronic Portfolio, please visit the E-portfolio Technology Consultants!

Location Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
New Cabell 298 8:00-9:30




















Schedule effective February 20, 2017

*Please note that the office hour schedule adheres to the university calendar, and there will be no office hours if classes are not in session (including cancellations or delays for inclement weather).

2 Responses to E-portfolio Consultants

  1. Hi, I am trying to upload a video I recorded on my iphone to my Digication site. It says the file is too large, what should I do?

    • ss4ws says:

      You should download the video to your computer and open it with a video editing software. Assuming you are on a Mac:
      1. Open imovie and import your footage.
      2. Go to File dropdown menu and choose Share and from the options chose File…
      3. From the pop up window, you can tweak the quality and resolution of your video which will also affect its size.
      I recommend “Resolution: 1080p” and “Quality: custom.” Then drag the slider as far right as possible without getting past Digication’s size requirements. You can see the size of your video under the thumbnail in the same pop up window.
      4. Once you have decided on the size, press next and save.
      5. Then you are ready to upload your video to Digication.

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