Future Courses

For anyone considering the “Spiritual Journeys” course (planning to offer it again in Spring 2014): http://bit.ly/SpiritualJourneysToBe

Current Courses

CPLT 3590/GETR 3563. “Spiritual Journeys in Young Adult Fiction.” Spring 2016 and prior years.  UVa.

Past Courses

Contemplative Pedagogies.  A Learning Community co-lead with Dorothe Bach and Jason Jones.  Over a dozen faculty members interested in integrating contemplative practices into their teaching met during the fall of 2015 and prior years.  Reported in UVaToday, 12/17/13:


CPLT 3590/GETR 3563. “Spiritual Journeys in Young Adult Fiction.” Spring 2013 and prior.  UVa. Co-taught with Dorothe Bach.
MDST 3559. “Documenting UVa’s Future.” UVa. Fall 2012.  Co-taught with Walt Heinecke.
MindfulnessTRC.  UVa. Fall 2011. A learning community for faculty interested in integrating mindfulness practices into their teaching. http://bit.ly/MindfulnessTRC
INST 2550. “Time(s) Square(d)“. UVa.  Fall 2010.
INST 2550. “Underground Hip Hop at Hereford.  UVa. Fall 2009
SLFK 204. “Story and Healing”. Spring 2004 and prior, UVa. [Note: Course was featured recently in Top News Daily.]
COMM215.Essentials of College Writing. Ongoing, UOP.
Today’s Business Technical Environment–Skills and Expectations. Fall 2002.
Hot Button Issues for Technical Managers. Spring 2002.
Communications and Team Development.
Project Management in a Technology Environment

Teaching Materials & Portfolio

Story and Healing and Martin Prechtel. Spring 2004.
Underground Hip Hop. Spring 2003. Jointly authored with Joe Berhan.
Hip Hop Lyrics
Teaching Portfolio 



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