Recent Invited Presentations

“Multicultural Workshop” UVa with Tabitha Enoch and Shraddha Prasad. 9/13.

“Workshop on New Music in Shape-Note Tradition.” UVa with Diane Ober. 9/13.

“Multicultural Dialogue” ASL Faculty.  UVa with Tabitha Enoch. 4/13.

“Documenting UVa’s Future; An Oral History of the Ouster and Reinstatement.” AACE/SITE Conference, 3/25/13.                   

“Using Social Media to Enhance Community Building…” TRC January Teaching Workshop. 1/13.

Virginia Foundation Showcase. 09/12.

“Creating Classroom Community with Reflective Blogs.” Lilly Conference, Washington,DC, 6/12.

“Introduction to Working in Community.” with the Community Guides. 3/10.

“Battle of the Collaborators.” with Sam Johnson and Trisha Gordon.  ACCS, Charlottesville. 3/10.

National and International Conferences

News from Virginia [for Shock of the Old 4] [PowerPoint slides]
News from Virginia [outline] [word doc]
News from Virginia[Reports and Articles, etc] [for Shock of the Old 4]
NAME Presentation. Lead author, Rachel Saury.
Hands across the Water; The Illusions and Elucidations of Metaphor [for Shock of the Old 2 Conference]
Raising Awareness at Your Institution [for Herding Tigers Conference]




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