Recent Publications

“Creating Classroom Community with Reflective Blogs.” International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society. Volume 9, 2013.  Jointly authored with Dorothe Bach.

Links to Ongoing Research Projects

Reflective Writing

The Poor People’s Campaign of 1968

Contemplative Pedagogies

“Reading and Writing as Mediation: Cultivating attention, choice, and self-awareness in the humanities classroom” Submitted for publication to Journal of Contemplative Inquiry. Co-authored with Dorothe Bach. 11/13.

“Contemplative Pedagogies” Learning Community. Fall, 2015 and prior semesters.

Shape-Note Singing

“Lovely Vine; Growing The Shenandoah Harmony.” Forthcoming in Feyen, J. ed. A Closer Walk.  University of Missississippi Press. Co-authored with Diane Ober.

Local Shape-Note Singing Group

Facilitation/Moderation (Recent Examples)

“Online Learning vs. Learning Online: How online tools are transforming Higher Education.” 11/13/13.  With Yitna Firdyiwek. UVa.

“Multicultural Workshop” for HR professionals. 10/15/13.  By invitation.  Co-presented with Tabitha Enoch and Shraddha Prasad. UVa.

Moderating STEM Discipline Conversations in support of the ADVANCE grant. 9/24/13 and subsequent dates. By invitation. UVa.

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