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The International Diabetes Closed-Loop Trial will enroll 240 individuals with type 1 diabetes in a 6-month-long clinical research study. All participants must be at least 14 years old and have an HbA1C less than 10.5%. Participants must be willing and able to visit their primary study location multiple times throughout the 6-month trial period. The trial will be taking place at 10 locations throughout the United States and Europe.

Closed-loop technology, sometimes called artificial pancreas technology, aims to make diabetes management easier and more effective by using advanced control algorithms to automatically adjust insulin delivery based on input from a continuous glucose monitor.

This trial intends to establish closed-loop control therapy as a viable treatment for type 1 diabetes by generating safety and efficacy data. The primary outcome will be measured by reduction of time below 70 mg/dL without increasing the time above 180 mg/dL.