About us

Building community across difference through curiosity, bravery, authentic dialogue, and reflection.

We are a crew of professionals, diverse and inclusive by design:

  • Diane Ober, Steward of HoosBrave
  • Tabitha Enoch, Director of Orientation & New Student Programs, Office of Orientation and New Student Programs
  • Daniel Fairley, Charlottesville’s Youth Opportunity Coordinator
  • Faran Saeed, Director of Community Engagement, Madison House
  • John Alexander, Associate Director, SHANTI
  • Valencia Harvey, Assistant Director, Virginia College Advising Corps
  • Rachel Spraker, Compliance Director for Equity and Affirmative Action

Together we challenge ourselves to live up to our name with humor and diligence.  In turn, we challenge participants in our workshops to bravely create an emerging, diverse and inclusive world.

You can contact us by writing to: HoosBrave@virginia.edu