Phillip Trella

Graduate student interested in finding collaborators for projects and proposals related to the Presidential Fellows in Data Science Program are invited to use this blog to post about their interests and to develop collaborations.  To use this blog you must first become a member of our collab site.  To do so, sign in to Collab, Go to My Workspace > Membership > Joinable Sites and search for the site, “Graduate Big Data Collab.”

Once you’ve joined you should see a bar at the top of the page.  Choose “+ New,” then “Post” and you’re ready to find collaborators!  If you do not see “+New” at the top of the page, then email and we will add you manually.

*Tip*  If you’re viewing the blog within the Collab site, try right clicking on the site title and opening the site in a new tab/page.  This will get you out of the Collab window.

When you’re creating a post, feel free to use categories and tags to help other researchers find what you’ve written.

Problems?  Please email for help.

Social psychologist seeking collaborator

I’m a 5th year graduate student in social psychology looking for a collaborator for the data science fellowship. My research focuses on boredom, interest, and what makes some thoughts more engaging than others. I’m interested (broadly) in investigating when and why people feel bored, and the factors that feed into that. For instance, people may feel bored when they’re not… Read more →

Collaborator for Presidential Fellowship

I’m a 5th year graduate student in social psychology and am looking for a collaborator for the Presidential Fellowship in Data Science. I’m interested in investigating how belonging to a group with heritage/traditions influences the way people pursue their goals, what emotions people feel, and basic cognitive processes. Psychological research on group identities usually focuses on how people think about… Read more →

Seeking collaborators in Psychology!

Hi, everyone,   I am Lin Gong, a third year graduate student in computer science. I am writing this post to seek for some students who are interested in applying for the presidential fellowships in data science this year. More information about myself can be found here.   My research interest lies in data mining and machine learning, especially in social influence… Read more →