The New Gezi Park Protesters (2014): Istanbul’s Gentrification Wars


The Gezi uprising that rocked Turkey in June 2013 was sparked by a government project to transform the park in central Istanbul into a gigantic mall. And while a relentless police crackdown has led many of last year’s protesters to abandon hope, the problems at the heart of Erdogan’s vision for Turkey’s urban development have not gone away. Those directly affected by the aggressive development of their neighborhoods are often left with only one of two options: to despair, or to fight…

One thought on “The New Gezi Park Protesters (2014): Istanbul’s Gentrification Wars

  1. Patricia Basile

    There are several academic articles analyzing the 2014 Ghezi Park protestors. You should look them up on Google scholar!
    I’m sure they will be useful for your research paper.

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