Licensing Information Workshop

Tuesday, October 7th @ 5pm
CHE 005 (Chemical Engineering Building)
Refreshments provided: Revolutionary Soup

Speakers from UVA Innovation will discuss the intersection of academia and industry: patentable research, industry funding, and startups.  Specifically, topics will include:

  • Translational research: bringing research from the lab into the market, including how to determine if research is patentable, how to network with industry to find a market for your research, and how to transition from research to the business environment.
  • Research funding opportunities: outside of academia, including how to find industry money to pursue research ideas and goals
  • Creating a company: how to start a business, including what heirarchy is needed to start a business, what steps are needed to patent or mass-produce a novel idea, and which individuals and groups to bring on-board (legal departments, accountants, investors, etc).

UVA Innovation speakers for the evening include:

  • Joshua Jeanson, Licensing Manager
  • Sharon Krueger, Program Director, Innovation Grants and Relationships
  • Matt Bednar, Licensing Associate
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