Important Textbook Purchasing Tips

First, be sure to verify your correct placement in a French course !

If you are unsure about your placement in French (between FREN 1050 and FREN 2010, for example), it’s best to wait at least until after the first day of class and after you’ve spoken to your instructor or the Language Program Director to confirm your placement before you open a new textbook package.

Important Textbook Return Info:

  • New textbook packages cannot be returned as new to the Newcomb Hall Bookstore for full refund once the shrink-wrap packaging has been opened. You may be able to return new packages (that include a textbook) ordered directly from the publisher within 30 days, but be sure to check the conditions stated on their website, and note that you will have to pay the return shipping.
  • Please note that in the Newcomb Hall Bookstore, only new textbook packages include the required access code. If you purchase a used textbook from the bookstore or elsewhere, you will need to purchase the required code directly from the publisher online. Please be careful to purchase the correct code, because they can’t be exchanged. Also, when purchasing a used textbook, please be sure you are ordering the correct edition. (Some students have received incorrect editions ordered from other online vendors and found it difficult or impossible to exchange or return the book.)

Purchasing Tips:

We highly recommend that students purchase the required materials either at the Newcomb Hall Bookstore or online directly from the publisher (Vista Higher Learning for FREN 1010 through 2020).

Prices fluctuate each semester, so it’s wise to check both sources to find the best deal for your textbook package. The price for purchasing direct from Vista Higher Learning is often better than the bookstore price, but the free shipping is by ground, so it may be up to a week before you receive the textbook itself. Your online access to all the required materials will be immediate, however, once you activate the purchased code.