Symposium on Imaging and Visualization in Science, 2018

Symposium on Imaging and Visualization in Science

December 10-11, 2018, University of Virginia

The Symposium on Imaging and Visualization in Science will be held at the University of Virginia December 10-11, 2018. This symposium will bring together scholars and researchers from Virginia universities and research institutes to discuss recent developments and future opportunities in the imaging and visualization of scientific data.

clas12-smallA major goal of this Symposium is to establish collaborations for future research related to the Virginia Center for Nuclear Femtography. The Commonwealth of Virginia has funded the establishment of a Center for Nuclear Femtography (CNF) to facilitate the application of modern developments in data science to the problem of imaging and visualization of sub-femtometer scale structure of protons, neutrons, and atomic nuclei. The Center will enable collaboration of nuclear scientists from Jefferson Lab and a broad and diverse set of faculty and researchers at Virginia universities, with benefits to both nuclear femtography and other disciplines or areas of research. A near-term goal of this symposium will be to establish collaborations in preparation for a program of summer visitors and exchanges in 2019 that will be the initial phase of the CNF. The 2019 summer program will be funded using the Commonwealth funds for CNF, and will include summer salary for faculty as well as support for postdoctoral researchers and students. Planning the nature and scope of the funded activities will be topics to be discussed at the Symposium.

Applicants from Virginia universities and research institutes may receive funding for expenses during participation at the Symposium. (The application process will be implemented in the near future.) A program committee with broad representation from the Virginia research community will set the Symposium program consisting of technical presentations, discussion panels, and informal meetings. Interested potential attendees are encouraged to contact members of the program committee regarding their participation at the Symposium. See for further information.