MURI (Multi-University Research Initiative) program is funded by the Office of Naval Research. Our project is titled “Bio-inspired Flexible Propulsors for Fast, Efficient Swimming: What Physics Are We Missing?” and this is a collaboration with the University of Virginia, Princeton University, Harvard University, Lehigh University and West Chester University. The whole research team will receive up to $1.5 million per year over the next five years. read more


MURI review meeting in UVa

We host the MURI optional year peer-review in UVa with bart-smith lab during March 9~10th. Several impressive presentations were given by members of our group.These presentations were about dolphin fluke optimization, application of body-fin interaction and hydrodynamics of tuna finlets, etc.Read more

Visit Meriwether Lewis  elementary school  

We brought our prototype robotics and research material to Meriwether Lewis Elementary School to inspire children’s interesting in research. We delivered a simple presentation by three-dimensional video to let children have a basic understanding of fluid dynamics. We also showed  underwater vehicle prototype  Read More

New member joined our team!

Xiaolong Deng, a previous assistant professor in Beijing Computational Science Research Center just joined our team. He is an expert in Computational fluid dynamics, especially multi-phase flows and fluid -structure interaction area.Read more 

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