Applying for funding

Before writing your application, read very carefully the Policies and Procedures page.

All applications must follow the prescribed format for the application type:

  1. Regular (non-conditional) funding application
  2. Interim funding application
    1. Interim funding is only available to previously funded groups, and only if there is a demonstrable need for early funding.
  3. Conditional funding application
    1. Conditional funding is only applicable to groups who have already received their Regular funding for the year.
  4. Final report cover pages and instructions
    1. A final report is due at the end of the funding period of all teams who receive funding in 2018-19.
    2. This is a new rule for this year.


Applications for funding will be accepted and are due three times a year:

  1. 4-weeks after the first day of Fall classes, for fall or full academic year funding.
  2. 2-weeks after the first day of Spring classes, for spring and/or summer funding.
  3. 3-weeks prior to the end of Spring classes, for summer fundingĀ or by special request.