New policies for the EL Funds

Baja_smallThe Experiential Learning Funds have been an important piece of the UVa SEAS experience for nearly a decade, enabling groups of amazing students to do incredible things, like build Mini Baja race cars (pictured). The problem is, many students don’t know they exist! ┬áThis year we are spreading the word, but that means we to:

  1. guide students and faculty in making appropriate requests of these funds.
  2. prioritize funding decisions by setting metrics, and through defined application deadlines.
  3. define nominal expectations, and to define spending limits.
  4. make student groups accountable for their funding.

To that end, we have published new Policies and Procedures governing these funds, how they are used, who is eligible to apply, how much money can be requested, and what the obligations of the group are once they are awarded. Please read these policies very carefully before applying!

We hope you find these useful!  Comments and questions should be addressed to

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