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Book Review: Asia, America & the Transformation of Geopolitics (July, 2008) 

Divestment is the Wrong Answer, Pension & Investment Magazine, August 6, 2007

Book review: Judgement of Paris (June 18, 2006) 

Book review: The World is Flat (May 7, 2006)

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Warner Asks for Special Session (Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002) 

Defined Contribution Sparring, Richmond Times Dispatch, Sunday, April 14, 2002

VRS Threatened by General Assembly Action, February 23, 2000, Richmond Times Dispatch 

An Analysis of the Economic Impact of Timing Delays Contained in the “Aircraft Carrier” Proposal, submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission, May, 1999. 

Boost for Taxpayers, May 29, 1999, Charlottesville Daily Progress  

VRS, Taxpayers Get Huge Boost, May 26, 1999, Richmond Times Dispatch

VRS Chief Reappointed by Governor Gilmore, April 20, 1999, Richmond Times Dispatch  

VRS Chief Urges Defined Contribution Option, August 2, 1998, Charlottesville Daily Progress    

Virginia Should Adopt Defined Contribution Option, July 13, 1998, P&I Magazine 

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State Closes RF&P Deal; Dec 3rd Daily Progress 

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Japan Trade Mission; May 10 96 Daily Progress  

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