Connect with news stories regarding Cultural Heritage Data activities at the University of Virginia Library

“Library Offers New Trove of 3D Digital Tools”
by H Brevy Cannon

UVA Today, 2012-OCTOBER-03

“Digital Academic Village”
by Katie McNally

UVA Today, 2016-MARCH-29

“The University of Virginia teams with CyArk to Preserve Cultural Heritage Sites”
by Mitch Farish

UVA Library News, 2016-MARCH-30

“UVA Arts Magazine Highlights the Library‚Äôs Support of University Projects”
Mitch Farish

UVA Library News, 2016-MAY-24

“Exploring New Dimensions With Art History & Engineering”
John Kelly

UVA Arts, Vol 04 Spring 2016

“Capturing a Cultural Heritage in 3D”
UVA Arts, Vol 04 Spring 2016

“History Made New”
by Caroline Newman
UVA Today, 2016-OCTOBER-12

also reprinted as
“How 3-D printing brings ancient Greek art to life”
in, 2016-OCTOBER-13
“University of Virginia faculty and staff use 3-D printing to take a fresh look at ancient art”
in, 2016-OCTOBER-18