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University of Virginia Contemplative Sciences Center

The UVa Contemplative Sciences Center has been established to foster dynamic partnerships of depth and breadth between humanistic scholars, medical and nursing practitioners, clinical researchers, neuroscientists, educational researchers, and contemplative practitioners such that our collective understanding, use, and extension of contemplative and yogic traditions becomes far greater than the traditional sum of our parts. At its root the Center is an innovative collaboration between the College, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and Curry School of Education, as well as evolving partnerships with UVa’s other schools and units.  The center is being created by a $12 million gift from Sonia and Paul Jones of Greenwich, Conn. Paul Jones is a 1976 graduate of the College.

The Center works to articulate new models and trajectories for colleges and universities to offer guidance, support, and leadership in addressing the transformative potential of contemplative traditions as resources for addressing this century’s most compelling challenges. It will offer a creative series of programs that explore contemplation’s transformative intersection of knowledge and practice, which evokes Thomas Jefferson’s insistence on useful knowledge. Rooted in the humanities, health sciences, and education, the center will dynamically support academic inquiry, teaching, learning, engagement, and well-being across UVa’s eleven schools to offer a fundamentally innovative model of the deep integration of yogic and contemplative practice and ideas into the very fabric of higher education.


The Center will offer a range of programming over the coming years, and in its inaugural year of 2012-13 the Center plans to offer the following programs:

  • Contemplative Science Research Grants for UVa initiatives
  • New course in Buddhism Contemplation with
  • New traditional Ashtanga Yoga program
  • Expanded Mindfulness Center training opportunitie
  • Contemplative in Residence
  • Online Encyclopedia of Contemplation
  • And more…


In alignment with the Center’s mission to bring together scholars, clinicians, and practitioners, we are hosting a number of events, these include:

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