Lab Alumni

Kassandra (Kassie) Grimes
Currently Science and Technology Policy Fellow at U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
PhD, 2020, Assessing an Algae-Based Treatment for Mitigation of Antibiotic Resistance
MS, 2016, Evaluating Algae-mediated Removal of Ciprofloxacin

Fangwei Cheng
Currently Postdoctoral Research Associate at Princeton University
PhD, 2020, Evaluating the Feasibility of Selected Thermochemical Conversion Pathway as Energy-Producing Negative Emissions Technologies

Udayan Singh
Currently Postdoctoral Fellow at Northwestern University
PhD, 2020, Spatially-Explicit Environmental and Economic Assessment of Negative Emissions Technologies

A. Jasmin Melara
Currently Energy and Sustainability Specialist at ICF International
MS, 2020, Is aquatic bioenergy with carbon capture and storage a sustainable negative emission technology?: Insights from a spatially explicit environmental life-cycle assessment

Sarah Bauer
Currently Assistant Professor, Rowan University
, 2018, Evaluation of the Sustainability of the Hydrothermal Processing of Select Organic Waste Feedstocks: Accounting for Water Quality and Nutrient Recovery Impacts
MS, 2015, Reevaluating the Global Warming Potential of Algae-Derived Biofuels: Accounting for Nitrogen

Elizabeth Connelly (co-advised with Prof. James Lambert and Prof. Andres Clarens)
Currently Researcher at NREL
PhD, 2016, Resilience Analysis and Value of Information With Application to Aviation Biofuels
MS, 2013, Case Studies Identifying Scenarios of Influence to Priority-Setting: Rio de Janeiro Disaster Management and Commonwealth of Virginia Biojet Fuels

Shanshan Peng
Pursuing further studies at Georgetown University
MS,2014, Evaluating Anaerobic Digestion as Means to Produce Energy in Algae Farming and Integrated Wastewater Treatment Systems

Eleazer Resurreccion (co-advised with Prof. Andres Clarens)
Currently Assistant Professor at Montana State University
PhD, 2013, Characterizing Synergisms Between Algae-Mediated Bioenergy Production and Ecosystem Services

Yongli Zhang
Currently Assistant Professor at Wayne State University
PhD, 2013, Sustainability Decision Making for Renewable Biomass Energy Production: Integrated Algal Bio-Energy and Environmental Remediation Systems

Chenxi Li
Currently Senior Manager at Salesforce
PhD, 2013, Molecular Similarity Analysis as Tool to Predict Environmental Properties and Prioritize Research Among Emerging Contaminants in the Environment

Dong Liu (co-advised with Prof. W.S. Lung)
PhD, 2012, Sorption of Pharmaceuticals in Natural Waters

Charles Burgis
Currently PhD Candidate in ESE
MS, 2012, Predicting Biological Removal of Contaminants in Wastewater Treatment: QSBR Modeling

Sheree Pagsuyoin (co-advised with Prof. W.S. Lung)
Currently Assistant Professor at University of Massachusetts Lowell

PhD, 2010, Occurence, Fate and Transport of Estrogenic Compounds in Shallow Mixing Zones

Karl J. Ottmar (co-advised with Prof. James Smith)
Currently STEM/Chemistry Teacher at Leicester Public Schools
PhD, 2010, Fate, Transport, and Occurrence of Atorvastatin and Simvastatin during Wastewater Treatment

Hagai Nassau (co-advised with Prof. Andres Clarens)
Currently Environmental Analyst at Skeo Solutions
, 2010, Energy Use and Environmental Implications of Using Algae for Transportation Energy

Wei Zheng
Currently a Small Business Owner
MS, 2010, A Kinetics Analysis of Enzyme-Mediated Removal of EDC Mixtures from Water