Science outreach at Red Hill

Jasmin Melara and Udayan Singh, graduate students, led a science outreach event on Engineering and the Environment at the Red Hill Elementary School, North Garden. The activity was a part of a weekly Engineering Club which has been developed by Carolyna Quiles, student in Biomedical Engineering and Dr. Rider Foley, Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering & Society. The target audience for this program were students of grades 3-5.

The activity introduced the students to basic levels of understanding of climate change and how carbon dioxide emission exacerbates it. A science activity was also planned and delivered which is often dubbed as the “ocean-acidification experiment”. After the activity, the students were informally asked to summarize their understanding about the experiment and the key takeaways. They exhibited awareness about the climate change problem and we hope that the younger generation will play a proactive role in mitigating anthropogenic climate change.