Providing laboratory expertise to detect COVID-19 spread

Our lab is currently involved in the university-wide project on wastewater testing to detect COVID-19 spread in UVA dorms. This is a collaborative project with UVA’s Department of Medicine, and in particular, Dr. Amy J. Mathers, MD. Check out recent media reports here and here.

“The goal is to use the dorm wastewater as a pooled sample so that we can surveillance for COVID, as opposed to having each individual student come give us a test or have a test,”

– Prof. Peterson quoted in NBC29 news story

Three defenses this summer!

The Colosi-Peterson Lab congratulates its newest alumni on defending their doctoral dissertations! The three students who completed their PhDs are Kassie Grimes (Antibiotic Resistance), Fangwei Cheng (Energy Conversion Pathways) and Udayan Singh (Negative Emissions). Best wishes to our graduates as they begin their next phase in their careers!

Jasmin defends her MS!

Our graduate student, Jasmin Melara, has successfully defended her MS thesis on “Is aquatic bioenergy with carbon capture and storage a sustainable negative emission technology?: Insights from a spatially explicit environmental life-cycle assessment”. Heartiest congratulations!

New cost-benefit analysis paper on potable water reuse

Our new paper takes another mathematical look at utilizing produced waters from coalbed methane wells for potable purposes. We find that reverse osmosis systems in such cases offer good cost-effectiveness based on two separately computed metrics to account for the value of health improvement benefits (i.e., disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) averted or monetized health benefits).