Poster Session Reflection

This poster session was the first time I had presented research to the general public. I felt nervous at first, because I sometimes get really awkward talking to strangers, but I found that I really enjoyed presenting our research and hearing questions and comments about it. I particularly enjoyed when someone who came and listened to me and Katie felt like they could add something of their experiences and really contribute to my understanding as well. I loved hearing people ask questions, because that meant to me that they had really listened and processed the information we told them, and felt compelled enough by it to try to learn more.

I was honestly surprised at how many people came and engaged in our presentations. I could feel an energy in the room that I was not expecting, and people seemed to really care about what we had to present. I was talking non-stop, and people just kept coming and going, a lot more than I had expected. I almost wish we had more time to talk to people, and I wish I could have heard┬ámy classmates’ presentations.

Overall, I really enjoyed this experience. I had never presented in this way before, and now I know that I am capable of doing it. I also know now that people do care about this topic, and it is something we should continue to talk about and learn about.


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2 Responses to Poster Session Reflection

  1. Morgan Crawford says:

    I’m glad you had such a great experience presenting research! I also really enjoyed the energy of the room and how many people were able to stop by. Did you have any pushback about your study? Mine and Madison’s poster had some and I was wondering if other people had similar experiences.

  2. Xara Natasja says:

    Hey Claire! I was also really impressed with the turnout and felt like I was talking incessantly. I loved how engaged everyone was – I didn’t feel like I was talking to a blank/disinterested audience, everyone was actively trying to garner a better understanding and seemed genuinely interested by all of the research! It was such a great experience that i’m thrilled we all go to have.

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