Questions 6 for 4/3

  • I was curious about the point he made about Sue Rubin in describing “difficult to attain” lifestyles of autistics. When I looked up the movie again, the Wikipedia page notes the use of FC, citing that¬†“scientists widely agree only appears effective due to the facilitator unconsciously guiding the hands of people with autism.” Where is the line as to when it “looks” unconscious and where it looks guided?
  • Travers says that the presence of another person indefinitely¬†promotes dependence in the autistic. I wonder what he thinks of other types of communication that require another person, such as a letter board or keyboard. Do those techniques, though they don’t require direct contact, also promote dependence?
  • If the facilitators are speaking for the autistics, as Travers says, then how can the sexual assault allegations be verified? In addition, why did the facilitators make these allegations?
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