4 May 2018: volume 11, Number 26 (FINAL ISSUE)

Your Curry Librarian’s Newsletter
May 4, 2018, Volume 11, Number 27 (Final Issue)
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I have been very fortunate to have served as your Curry Librarian for 29 years as I have learned so much from all of you! The friendships that have resulted from our conversations and consultations made my job the best job at UVA.

Ii addition, I am grateful to my Curry family for hosting a reception for me this week, and I want to thank all of you who attended the festive affair and to those who contacted me or dropped by my office to say farewell.

While I know I say the following often, I want to take this last opportunity to encourage you to:

  1. Ask your librarian when you have questions

2. Encourage your colleagues and students to bookmark a library subject guide so they have easy access to the top research tools and services

3. Play it forward and help others!

My last day in my office in Ruffner Hall was May 3rd. If you have any questions during finals weeks or in following few months, please email curry-librarian@virginia.edu or call 434-982-0054 for assistance.   We are always there to help you. It’s what we do!


Young girl waving at the University of Virginia Rotunda while standing on the Lawn  GRADUATING STUDENTS
It has been my pleasure to be your Curry Librarian throughout your time at Curry. I hope you will continue to be actively involved as Curry alumni and alumnae, and I hope you will come back and visit the Library when you come to visit UVA!

And yes, you can continue to use the UVA Libraries! As alumnae and alumni of UVA, you can continue to check out books from the UVA libraries using your student/alumni ID number.  You will also have access to the following full text databases.  If you come to one of the UVA libraries, you will also be able to use all of the databases you had access to when you were a student. You can bring your laptop or use one of the public computers in the libraries to search databases and download full text articles.   I would encourage you to bring a USB drive so you can download any journal articles you locate while you are at the Library. You will also continue to have access to your RefWorks account. Here is a link outlining alumnae and alumni library services.

Graduating students will have full access to all Library resources throughout the 2018 summer including off-Grounds access to online journal articles, ebooks, and databases. Once the Fall semester starts that access level will change to the Library services you can enjoy as UVA alumni and alumnae.


For more than 15 years, my colleague Carole Lohman and I promoted handbooks as a great research resource for you to read and cite. All of the Curry subject guides developed by us have a link to this web page which outlines the  ways you can locate handbooks. So look for the HANDBOOK link on your favorite subject guide that you have bookmarked and delve into the handbooks where you will locate best practices, research theories, names of authors, background material, overviews of topics, and good keyword terminology to use when you search databases for journal articles and other materials to inform and support your research.


Alderman Library


“After two years of preliminary planning, the renovation of Alderman Library is set to reach a critical milestone this summer. On June 7, the Board of Visitors Buildings & Grounds Committee will have the chance to review schematic design plans developed by HBRA, the architecture firm for the project.

This initial review sets the stage for a final design approval of the $160 million project in September. Construction on the project is slated to begin in 2020. “Read the entire article in the Cavalier Daily article by Sophia McCrimmon


Throughout the semester, we will be highlighting information about finding, organizing, analyzing, managing, displaying, and preserving research data. See this week’s featured data information below.


research-data-services LIBRARY DATA SERVICES
I would be remiss not to remind you of the fabulous services the library offers around data in this last issue of my newsletter.  The Library has experts you can contact and consult with around  locating data sets and statistics; obtaining and using research software; developing a data management plan; using GIS software; and providing support for data science, applied statistics, and scientific computing, including data wrangling and cleaning, analysis and visualization, statistical inference and computational methods, reproducibility and open science.  We also offer workshops during the semester and produce a Research Data newsletter to which you can subscribe! See our offerings that focus on research data services and meet our experts. You will be glad they are on your team!


National Center for Education Statistics logoCITE IT IN YOUR PAPER!
A new report, Services to Support Parent Involvement by Community Type, Sector, and School Classification describes the availability of services to support parent involvement in K-12 schools by community type, school sector, and school classification.

Overall, 51 percent had a staff member assigned to work on parental involvement, 53 percent held workshops for parents, 40 percent offered services for parents to support parent involvement, and 17 percent had a drop-in center for parents. This and other reports from NCES can provide you with statistics, data, and new research that you can cite in your papers! And don’t forget all the fabulous reports written by the top experts in the field the Institute of Educational Sciences (IES) publishes!


The website, Date is Plural, published a link to data on the topic of academic parental leave policies. Researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder and the Santa Fe Institute compiled a dataset of 200+ universities’ parental leave policies. For each institution, the dataset indicates the amount of paid leave granted to and taken by both women and men, and what type of leave it is (e.g., relief from teaching, from all duties, etc.).



Kay-Buchanan200This newsletter is produced by your Curry librarian,  Kay Buchanan.

The newsletter is intended to support faculty and students at the Curry School of Education who are engaged in scientifically based research, evaluation, and teaching by keeping them up-to-date on scholarly resources, trends, and training opportunities so they can make a positive impact on education.

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