3 April 2014, Volume 7, Number 29

If you have an iPad or a tablet android, this newly updated app, BrowZine can transform  the way you access and read over 10,000 scholarly journals  to which the Library subscribes.

Once you download Browzine from the App Store or Google Play, use these  installation instructions to maximize the power of the app to allow you to browse all of the journal titles by title or subject, view the journal’s table of contents, and download the article full text. Sweet! Here is a 2 minute video to familiarize you with Browzine and show you how to use it with RefWorks, Mendeley, Zotero or other bibliographic management software to create citations in APA, AMA and more.

And remember, if you click on journal article in the Browzine app and it is not available online, enter a search in the first box in the Journal Finder to determine if it is available in print copy at UVa. If it is not available, you can acquire a digital copy of the article through the Library’s free interlibrary loan service.  Faculty can automatically submit a LEO request if it is not available through BrowZine.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While you are able to access over 10,000 journals full text using BrowZine, some journals for which the library has a subscription can’t be accessed full text using this app. Why? The publishers of those journals have not yet adapted DOIs for their articles or included sufficient metatagging.

Your Curry Librarians are available to help you set up BrowZine or field your BrowZine questions. Contact them at 434.924.7040434.924.7040 or drop by the CLIC in room 306, Bavaro Hall.

 A special thanks to Dan Wilson of UVa’s Health Sciences Library for surfacing this tool,providing us with tips, and following up on our questions.


music-libraryMUSIC LIBRARY music-notes
Beginning April 1st, 2014, the Music Library will undergo a renovation including asbestos abatement, recarpeting, and the installation of new furniture.  The library WILL REMAIN OPEN and be accessible via its lower level, but with limited services. More….



Despite living in the 21st century, when many of us hear the words library and scholarly research, we think only of books.  Not a bad thought, but one that fails to encompass the wide scope of services and resources to be found at the University of Virginia Library.  Here is a video testimonial  by PhD student, Ed Triplett, that illustrates one way the Library has collaborated in a scholarly research project that went from the book and beyond by using kite technology to fly over a fortress in Spain to get pictures so he could create a 3-D model of the fortress.   Ed gives a big shout out to Chris Gist and Kelly Johnston who are GIS specialists in the Library.


Logo for the New York Public Library20,000 MAPS YOU CAN DOWNLOAD AND REPURPOSE
The New York Public Library recently released more than 20,000 cartographic maps/works that you can download or download and merge with a contemporary map.   First, view this short video showing how to access and use the map collection to merge older maps with contemporary maps with the Map Warper tool. Then, search the map collection of 20,000 cartographic maps/works and let the fun begin!*


 United States 4 cent postage stamp with the following quotation by Thomas Jefferson, "I have sworn... Hostility against every form of TYRANNY over the mind of man."JEFFERSON QUOTE CONTEST
As part of the celebration of Thomas Jefferson’s April 13th birthday, from Monday to Friday, April 7 to 11, the Library is sponsoring a Jefferson quote contest.  Each participating library will have a daily selection of three Jefferson quotes prominently displayed.  One is a real Jefferson quote and two are fakes. Each day, patrons can submit a ballot to vote on which quote they think is correct and enter to win a prize! Out of all the correct ballots of each day, one winner will be selected to receive a $5 or $10 CavAdvantage card. On April 14th, a grand prize of a $15 CavAdvantage card will be awarded to one winner from the pool of all correct entries. The CLIC will be one of the participating locations, so we hope to see many of you next week! 
*This image is in the public domain and was found on Wikimedia.


The CLIC librarians continue to acquire online versions of the handbooks found in the print collection housed in the CLIC.  As we add these online links, we want to highlight them for you.

Cover of the Sage Handbook for Research in EducationTitle:  Sage Handbook for Research in Education, 2006
Editors:   Clifton F. Conrad & Ronald C. Serlin
Overview: “The SAGE Handbook for Research in Education stimulates and encourages students, faculty, and educational practitioners, including individuals in education, government, and the private sector who conduct applied and policy-oriented educational research, to place the pursuit of ideas at the epicentre of their research-from framing meaningful problems to identifying and addressing key challenges to the reporting and dissemination of their findings.” – Publisher

Cover of the Sage Handbook of Curriculum and InstructionTitle:  Sage Handbook of Curriculum and Instruction, 2008
Editors:  F. Michael Connelly & Ming Fang He & JoAnn Phillion
Overview: “The SAGE Handbook of Curriculum and Instruction is the first book in 15 years to comprehensively cover the field of curriculum and instruction. Editors F. Michael Connelly, Ming Fang He, and JoAnn Phillion, along with contributors from around the world, synthesize the diverse, real-world matters that define the field. This long-awaited Handbook aims to advance the study of curriculum and instruction by re-establishing continuity within the field while acknowledging its practical, contextual, and theoretical diversity.”  – Publisher



On April Fool’s Day 2014 the University of Virginia Library announced a “new” service that was coming soon, Air Freight Delivery.  The announcement came via a YouTube video.  Check out this website for more information. While April Fool’s day has passed, we didn’t want you to miss a fun video. Thanks Renee!



poster for the UVa Library exhibit, Collecting American Histories:  The Tracy McGregor Library at 75MCGREGOR EXHIBIT TALKS
TOPIC: Collecting American Histories: The Tracy W. McGregor Library at 75
DATES: Tuesday, April 8, 2014 and Tuesday, May 13, 2014
TIME: 12:00pm – 1:00pm
LOCATION:   Small Special Collection Library, main exhibit gallery
PRESENTER:  David Whitesell
DESCRIPTION:  The University of Virginia Library’s Tracy W. McGregor Library of American History turns 75 this year.  Housed in the Alderman Library’s McGregor Room, aka the “Hogwarts” room, the McGregor Library is one of the world’s great collections of rare books, maps, manuscripts, and prints concerning the discovery and exploration of the New World, and the history of North America to 1900.  The McGregor Library also contains landmarks of English literature, and some surprises!  Curator David Whitesell will offer a two guided tours of the exhibit, “Collecting American Histories: The Tracy W. McGregor Library at 75.”  This exhibition traces the library’s origins and development at UVA and shows highlights from its wide-ranging holdings. 

TOPIC:  Friends or Foes? Impacts of Classmates on Preschoolers’ Development
DATE:   Friday April 11, 2014
TIME:  11:00am – 12:30pm
LOCATION:  Bavaro Hall, Holloway Hall (116)
PRESENTER: Laura Justice
Laura Justice, PhD. is a clinical speech-language pathologist and applied researcher in early childhood language and literacy development, communication disorders, and educational interventions. She is Professor in the College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University, where she also directs the Preschool Language and Literacy Lab, a research unit within the School of Teaching and Learning.


HOOS YOUR  datalights
Throughout the semester, we will be highlighting information about finding, organizing, analyzing, managing, displaying, and preserving research data. See this week’s featured data information below.


Logo for Sage ResearchmethodsDATABASE TRIAL
During April, the UVa Library has a free trial to the full text database, Sage Research Methods Online,  with access to a wealth of information including books, journal articles, videos   on quantitative and qualitative research methods of use to the social sciences, behavioral sciences, educational sciences, health sciences, and more.  

To learn more about how to use Sage Research Methods Online, check out these video demos and tips. We took it for a spin and found full text books such as the SAGE Handbook of Spatial Analysis, 100 Statistical Tests,  the SAGE Handbook of Grounded Theory, and Sage Handbook for Research in Education,” as well as articles from top journals and illustrative videos.

Please let us know if you consider this a valuable resource by completing this brief online evaluation.


Logo for Quantum GISGIS WORKSHOP
TOPIC:  Working With Rasters Using Open Source Tools
TIME: 10:00am–11:00am
DATE: Wednesday, April 9, 2014
LOCATION: Alderman Library, Room 421 (map)
DESCRIPTION:  “Would you like to show the live weather radar on your map? How about other live and/or free data? This workshop will show you how to add open web service (OWS) layers to Quantum GIS and use them in a map.”  Gist and Johnston

“All sessions assume attendees have no previous experience using GIS. Sessions will be hands-on with step-by-step tutorials and expert assistance. They are free to attend and are open to the UVa and larger Charlottesville community.”
PRESENTERS:  Chris Gist and Kelly Johnston, GIS Lab experts  


The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) released new data tables documenting the performance of U.S. 15-year-old students on the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2012 problem solving assessment.   The tables show how U.S. 15-year-old students performed in comparison to their peers in 43 other education systems. The PISA problem solving assessment, administered on computer, assessed students’ skills in solving problems set in real-life contexts for which a routine solution has not been learned.


Keep Calm and Get Organized signDATA MANAGEMENT FOR GRAD  STUDENTS
TOPIC:  Data Management for Grad Students, Part II:  Best Practices for Managing Research – How to keep your stuff organized and “shareable”
DATE:   Wednesday, April 9, 2014
TIME:  3:00pm – 4:00pm
LOCATION:  Alderman Library, room 421
DESCRIPTION:  This workshop will cover best practices for collecting and organizing humanities research related to the goal of data preservation and sharing. We will focus on best practices and tips for collecting data, including file naming, and documentation/metadata. This workshop assumes no prior knowledge.
INSTRUCTORS: Purdom Lindblad,  UVa Library Scholars’ Lab, Sherry Lake, UVa Library Data Management Consulting Group, and Bill Corey, UVa Library Data Management Consulting Group


TOPIC:  The Measures of Effective Teaching Longitudinal Database: A Review of the MET Project and Available Data
DATE:  June 9-11, 2014
LOCATION: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), Ann Arbor, MI
DESCRIPTION:  This three-day workshop will offer a broad summary of the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) Project and resulting Longitudinal Database (MET LDB), including the design and original goals of the MET Project, video collection and scoring procedures, in addition to available data and how they were collected.

Participants must have an understanding of secondary data, data analysis skills commensurate with analysis of complex data, and knowledge of SPSS, SAS, or Stata. Additionally, participants are expected to review the available documentation and bring to the workshop tentative research questions that can be addressed by the data. 

While the workshop tuition is free, participants are responsible for their own transportation and lodging.   Application deadline is May 1, 2014 and space is limited.

For more information or to apply, please visit:
•    Summer Program Course detail page
•    Summer Program Registration & Fees page 


wos_logo2014 ONLINE WEBINARS
The database, Web of Science, is offering training through webinars and pre-recorded webinars.  The live sessions include a presentation, followed by a question and answer period.  Registration is required.

  • Citation Report & the H Index
    If you want to calculate your H Index (a measure of your scholarly impact and productivity) so you can include it in your promotion and tenure document, your grant application, annual report, or other document, consider viewing this live or pre-recorded webinar that will  demonstrate how to determine your H Index using the Web Of Science database.

Webinar: Tuesday, April 15, 2014, 10:00am or
Pre-recorded webinar

    • Cited Reference Searching
      If you want to find out who cited your article(s) or one(s) in which you are interested, consider viewing this online or pre-recorded webinar that focuses on how to use the Web of Science to accomplish this.

Webinar, Thursday, April 17, 2014, 2:00pm
Pre-recorded webinar


This newsletter is produced by the CLIC librarians, Kay Buchanan and Carole Lohman.

The newsletter is intended to support  faculty and students at the Curry School of Education who are engaged in scientifically based research, evaluation, and teaching by keeping them up-to-date on scholarly resources, trends, and opportunities so they can make a positive impact on education.

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