18 April 2013, Volume 6, Number 33

The Curry librarians often get asked this time of year if students graduating in May will continue to have access to library resources such as databases, full text journals and ebooks. Here is the short answer.  Students who graduate in May 2013 will continue to have access from on and off-Grounds to these services until mid August 2013. The library contracts with many vendors who provide access to these resources that support the teaching, learning and research needs of the University and contractual stipulations restrict access to this expansive number of resources to currently enrolled students and faculty.  Therefore, the Library has joined with Alumni Services to provide access to the following databases to Alumni. 

However, your Curry Librarians would be remiss not to mention other options you may want to investigate as you continue your professional careers and lifelong learning efforts. This week, we will give an overview of services alumni can  investigate that are offered through various libraries. Next week, we will provide information about access to databases, full text journal articles and ebooks, as well as  RefWorks.

  1. U.Va. Libraries.  Alumni can definitely continue to come to the libraries on-Grounds. They can borrow books, bring a laptop or use the public computers to access the databases and the full text journal articles. They can also get assistance and advice from librarians for their research needs.
  2. Other University Libraries. Most university libraries allow the public to visit the library without charge. the public can use databases, and access full text journals (flash drives can be very handy for this). Due to legal contracts they do not allow members of the public to access resources such as full text articles or databases from off campus. Check with the web pages of these libraries or contact staff to find out about other policies such as borrowing books and photocopying.
  3. Public Libraries. By registering in person with your local public library, the public  will be able to borrow books.  Check their web site or ask in person about the libraries policies, resources, and services. In addition, many public libraries now have databases and ebooks the public can access from home or office once the person registers. For example, alumni who remain in the Charlottesville area can register in person with the Jefferson Madison Regional Library (JMRL). Then, they can download books and access databases JMRL purchases or leases in person or over the internet from home or office. JMRL also provides interlibrary loans for all patrons. There is a $3 processing fee per item.
  4. School Libraries. If you work at a pre-k-12 school, check with the media specialist to discover what services and resources they offer for students and staff.

How would you cite a reference from a journal article, web page, or other document that did not include page numbers using APA style? While we know that PDFs are the preferred format for citing purposes,   we also realize that it is not always possible to get a PDF copy.

For example, last week, a student called the Curry librarians to find out how to cite a quote from a book that was on an unnumbered page on a book’s dedication page.  We suggested that he use option 2 as shown in the image above in the paper he was writing which would follow this pattern:   (author of the book’s last name, date of publication, Dedication section, para. 1) In another instance, the student was citing a journal article that was only available in HTML format. We suggested to the the student that she could use either option 1 or 2 as shown in the image above. She opted for option 2- using the section and paragraph  as the quote was in paragraph 52 in the Findings section of a journal article and it was easier for the reader to find the Findings section and paragraph 2 instead of counting 52 paragraphs!


U.Va. Salaries Faculty and StaffU.Va SALARIES
The University’s newspaper, The Cavalier Daily obtained salary information for University faculty and staff in 2012 using the Freedom of Information Act.  More. . .

Faculty Salaries 2012-2013

Staff Salaries 2012-2013










The book, The Journey from Child to ScientistNEW EBOOK
The American Psychological Association published this new title in 2012 which was written by Jeff Shager, It is now available online! Just click the title below, to read it!
Journey from Child to Scientist: Integrating Cognitive Development and the Education Sciences.





Engineering Education presentationENGINEERING EDUCATION PRESENTATION
TOPIC: What is Engineering Education?
DATE: Friday, April 19
TIME: 12:00 pm– 2:00 pm
LOCATION: Chemical Engineering Building – CHE Lecture Hall 005
DESCRIPTION: Dr. Lisa McNair and graduate student Rachel Louis Kajifez  of the Virginia Tech Engineering Communication Center will be presenting information and research regarding Engineering Education.

This event is provided by the student chapter of American Society for Engineering Education at U.Va. with support from the University of Virginia School of Engineering, and the University of Virginia Curry School of Education.


Garden week in Charlottesville and AlbemarleSTUDENTS RAVE ABOUT THIS OPPORTUNITY!
This week is Garden Week in Charlottesville and Albemarle and the Curry librarians want to encourage you to take advantage of the sunny weather and this unique opportunity to see lovely gardens and homes, as well as enjoy meeting the many people who participate in this event from all over the globe. Events such as free tours of the Pavilion homes and gardens on the Lawn* is a must-do before you graduate! A tour of the estate gardens at Morven which was previously owned by the late John Kluge and is now owned by U.Va. is guaranteed to keep you mesmerized. There is a $20 fee for the tour of the Morven gardens and the tour is only offered once a year. This year it is this Saturday from 10am – 5pm! Be sure to view this information and click on the slide show arrow to get ticket info.

*Pavilion Tours, Tuesday, April 23. Meet on the Rotunda steps (Lawn side) 10am or 1 pm.

  • Pavilion II: Meredith Woo and Bruce Cumings
  • Pavilion IV: Larry Sabato
  • Pavilion VI: Bob Sweeney


This week’s Curry Cups and Conversation session focused on diversity.  Christian Steinmetz and  Winx Lawrence assembled a collection of books on diversity from their personal collections.  Many of the attendees who examined the collection and spoke with them ask for a list of the titles. The Curry Librarian’s created the list of these diversity books.   Each of the titles is hyper-linked and will take you to the Library’s online catalog, VIRGO. Thus, you will be able to see if the book is checkout or on the shelf.  In those cases where the book is not part of the Library’s collection, you will be taken to information about the book, including the table of contents if applicable.


HOOS YOUR Data spelled out in lights
Throughout the semester, we will be highlighting information about finding, organizing, analyzing, managing, displaying, and preserving your research data. See this week’s featured data information below.


A wordle consisting of words related to data management, preservation, and curation.DATA MANAGEMENT EVENT
TOPIC: The Evolution of Research Data: Strategies for Curation and Data Management
DATE: Thursday, May 16
TIME: 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM
LOCATION: Boar’s Head Inn, 200 Ednam Drive, C’ville, VA
DESCRIPTION: Sponsored by The University of Virginia Library, the Virginia Library Association’s College & Research Libraries and Elsevier, this event  will feature speakers addressing the different stages of the research data life cycle, with representatives from University of Virginia faculty, learned societies, research institutions, and publishers coming together to examine the implementation stages, available technologies and associated challenges and barriers for managing, preserving and accessing research data. Attendees will leave armed with valuable information to engage their respective organizational stakeholders to initiate and continue long-term research and data management efforts.  While this event is geared toward library professionals, other interested individuals are welcome to attend.

The event is free, but you will need to Register.  If you have any questions, please contact Ryan Bailey with Elsevier.


Share your data!DATA WORKSHOP
TITLE: Gaining an Advantage by Sharing Your Research Data
PRESENTERS: Andrew Sallans and Bill Corey
DATE: April 23th, at 4pm, in Bavaro Hall 306, CLIC Register

image from http://dmp.data.jhu.edu/plan-basics/data-sharing/


This newsletter is produced by the Curry librarians,
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