Forum Contributors

Alison Booth: Professor of English, CBW Project Director and Principal Investigator
Elle Everhart: Communications Coordinator

Project Contributors

Alison Booth
Rennie Mapp, Project Manager

IATH Scholar’s Lab
Worthy Martin, Co-Director Bethany Nowviskie, Director Emerita
Daniel Pitti, Co-Director Joe Gilbert, User Experience Web Developer
Robbie Bingler, Senior Program Analyst Wayne Graham, Head, Research and Development
Cindy Girard, IT Specialist  Jeremy Boggs
Doug Ross, Programmer Analyst
Sarah Wells, Scholarly and Technical Communications Officer


Research Assistants

IATH Graduate Researchers
Scholar’s Lab Graduate Researchers
CBW Undergraduate Researchers
Caitlin Conley Kiera Allison Eva Lucy Alvarado
Paige Eggebrecht Kirsten Anderson Vanessa Braganza
Andy Foust Mara Bandy Blythe Fiscella
Grace Franklin Claudia Bendick  Roshni Gorur
Anna Hermesmann Michael Chambers Meghan Grumbling
Heather Kileff Bella Cooper  Kelly Riley
Stephanie Kingsley Julie Fuller  Becca Rosenblatt
Brooke Lockwood Lestock Aimee Geoghan  Amanda Thompson
Ken Lota Lindsay Halle  Alison Thompson
Emily Major Ben Lee
Sophie Taylor Jessica Swope
 Darby Walters

Collective Biographies of Women has been supported by the University of Virginia Department of English and the Library. A Resident Fellowship in IATH 2010-2012 provided some course relief and funding. The American Council of Learned Societies Digital Innovation Fellowship (January-December 2014) combined with a Sesquicentennial Associateship provided research leave, replacement salary, and $25,000 project funds. The directors and staff in Scholars’ Lab and IATH have been inspiring and generous with their expertise and time.

We would also like to recognize the efforts of Ethan Gruber and Cindy Filer Speer in the E-Text Center at the University of Virginia and our graduate assistants that worked on the original bibliography project: Christopher Jackson, Karen Dietz, Erin O’Connor, Sarah Whitney, Christine Bayles-Korstch, Margaret Cooke, and Regan Boxwell.

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