Moving People Linking Lives Podcasts

Panel 1: “Narrative, Nonfiction, and Many Lives”
Moderator: Suzanne Keen

Sidonie Smith

James Phelan

Jason Boyd

Panel 1 Q&A

Panel 2: “Prosopography and the Challenges of Retrieving Lives”
Moderator: Purdom Lindblad

Will Hanley

Sue Perdue

Panel 2 Q&A

Panel 3: “Networks: Spatial, Timeline, Textual Analysis and Other Tools”
Moderator: Rafael Alvarado

Margaret Cormack

Courtney Evans and Ben Jasnow

Elton Barker

Panel 3 Q&A

Panel 4: “Databases of Persons and Writings in Print: Collaborative or Crowd-Sourced Editing”
Moderator: Alison Booth

Susan Brown

Ruth Page

Panel 4 Q&A

Lightning Talks Round 1

Alison Booth

Scott Bailey

Worthy Martin – Leonardo

Worthy Martin –┬áDigital Yoknapatawpha on behalf of Steve Railton

Jeanette Patterson

Ben Ray

Anne Kinney

Jenny Strauss Clay

Lightning Talks Round 1 Q&A

Lightning Talks Round 2

Dorothy Wong

Rafael Alvarado

Suzanne Keen

Jenny Foy

Ethan Gruber

Swati Chawla

Amy Ogden

Ed Triplett

Lightning Round 2 Q&A

Responses and Wrap-Up Discussions

Opening Remarks

Sidonie Smith to Sue Perdue

Sue Perdue to Sidonie Smith

James Phelan to Ruth Page

Ruth Page to James Phelan

Jason Boyd to Courtney Evans and Ben Jasnow

Courtney Evans and Ben Jasnow to Jason Boyd

Will Hanley to Margaret Cormack

Margaret Cormack to Will Hanley

Susan Brown to Elton Barker

Elton Barker to Susan Brown

Wrap-Up Q&A

Wrap-Up Discussions with Lightning Talk Participants

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