ePortfolios in the World of Work

The American Association of Colleges & Universities recently conducted a study and put out a report, Fulfilling the American Dream: Liberal Education and the Future of Work, showing what business executives and hiring managers are saying about today’s college graduates and their educational preparation for work.  Look especially at slide 20 for a surprising tidbit of information!

Fulfilling the American Dream: Liberal Education and the Future of Work from Robert Kelly

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New Digication in Costa Rica

CostaRicaThis summer (2018) Spanish instructor Matthew Street finished implementing New Digication (ND) in the Spanish department’s Costa Rican study abroad program.  The results have been spectacular!  The work (see below) is not only beautiful with rich media, but the new platform has also proven to be very easy to use.  It is extremely reassuring and hopeful that our students will be excited about being creative with New Digication.  While such transitions are never easy, this is promising to be an exciting and productive one.  Here are some ND ePortfolios from the program:

Course ePortfolio: This is the ePortfolio used by the instructor to communicate the content of the course.

Course ePortfolio Template: As in the previous platform (Classic Digication) ND also allows instructors to create scaffolding template for their students.  The course template allows students to quickly get started building their ePortfolios. In addition, though, the template construction process in ND allows instructors to embed guidance and instructions within the structure they provide.

Student ePortfolios: Digication is a “student centered” ePortfolio platform.  While instructors can provide templates and guidance, the student always has the opportunity to control every aspect of the ePortfolio.  The work below is a mix of template-driven and “created from scratch” student work:



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Getting there… From Classic to New Digication

While the final decision has not been made yet, we are almost there.  Additional testing of New Digication has proven successful.  A new tool for converting Classic ePortfolios to New Digication has also been successfully implemented which should help in the transition.

We are now beginning to use this blog to post new features and enhancements as they come up.  Our first one will be on the new tool conversion tool.  Stay tuned…

In other news, I will be attending the Association for Authentic, Experiential, and Evidence-based Learning (AAEEBL) conference next week (July 22-25).  I hope to get more information regarding ND from institutions that have already implemented it.  More to come…


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College of Arts & Sciences Moving to New Digication

We are currently assessing the transition from Digication Classic (what we have been running at the College for the last three to four years) to New Digication (ND), a revamped platform with many additional features. The change will be dramatic and, we hope, also smooth.  Whether or not that will happen, however, is not yet clear to us as of this point in the summer (late June).  We are convinced that the ePortfolio construction process of ND will be welcomed by our students and other users of ePortfolios in the College.  And this has prompted us to conjecture that the transition as a whole (including the integration with Collab as well as the template construction process) will follow suite. But we are not convinced yet.  Several instructors and a couple of the ePPCs that are around this summer are currently running a rigorous test of the system.  Stay tuned…  and drop us a note at eportfolios@virginia.edu if you want to test it with us this summer.

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Hello world!

Welcome to our new ePPC WordPress site.

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