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In semesters past, I have worked primarily with the Arduino Microcontroller and the Rhino plug-in Grasshopper. Within Grasshopper is an additional plug-in Firefly that was specifically created to interface with the Arduino. This allows an immediate link between the physical and digital realms and one of the greater inspirations behind this thesis.


Arduino Uno Microcontroller

The Arduino IDE is based on the open-source program Processing, which itself is a variation of Java script, and is often used by visual artists because of its graphics, sound, and animation capabilities. Conveniently the Arduino is set up to interface within Processing!

arduino v processing

Arduino vs Processing…. they’re the same!

I am going to work within the Processing platform so that I can more quickly experiment with visual and audio outputs throughout the semester. 

Here is a quick list of additional resources that I will be using to help my efforts…….

adafruit industries : online store for all things microcontrollers, including tutorials, libraries, and examples for just about every component

Spark Fun electronics: very similar to adafruit and just as useful!

Processing Reference: helpful index of the basic language

Learning Processing: many tutorials and helpful examples

25 Life-Saving Tips for Processing: title speaks for itself!

data animal: series of projects I helped with over the summer.

soft surface operations: where my work in the niche all began

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