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(Un)dressing at the Beach: Bathing Culture and the Rise of the Cabine de Plage

By Kasia Stempniak Few destinations are more synonymous with summer than the beach. This year, that association is being tested as fears of the spreading pandemic have fueled closures across the United States. In Europe, officials in beachside communities are … Continue reading

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Jane Dieulafoy and Trans Visibility in Nineteenth-Century France

On this International Transgender Day of Visibility, let’s take a moment to remember the nineteenth-century writer and explorer Jane Dieulafoy, who became famous through her travels to the Middle East with her husband Marcel, a civil engineer. Dieulafoy first put … Continue reading

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A Husband or a Hat?

by Susan Hiner Mon Dieu! Still single at 25?! If you were a young woman living in France at the turn of the twentieth century, on November 25th you might have received a number of friendly, encouraging messages by postcard—ranging … Continue reading

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Paris, A (Researcher’s) Love Story

by Rachel Mesch It’s a scene any tourist will recognize: along the picturesque quais of the Seine, vendors with their green, rectangular boxes line the sidewalks, peddling colorful postcards and souvenirs, knick knacks and paintings, a little piece of Paris … Continue reading

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Pants Permits in Nineteenth-Century Paris

by Rachel Mesch On November 7, 1800, the prefecture of police for the city of Paris issued an order prohibiting women from wearing men’s clothing in public. Noting that many women did so, but not for (excusable) health-related reasons, and … Continue reading

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What Not to Wear on the Omnibus

by Masha Belenky If you have recently been on the subway in New York City, you may have noticed a curious ad: “Dude… Stop the Spread…Please. It’s a space issue.” The public service announcement aims to curb the pesky behavior known … Continue reading

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