Become immersed

Problem identification is a significant challenge in the education of biomedical engineers. Access to clinics and clinicians is limited, and so a host of healthcare realities are obfuscated to all of us – students, and practicing engineers alike.

The BME Clinical Scholars program is funded by the National Institutes of Health. Its goal is to immerse undergraduates in clinical settings, identify unmet clinical needs, and generate clinically relevant problems and case studies for Biomedical Engineering classrooms.

As a BME Clinical Scholar, you will spend ten paid weeks during the summer alongside third-year medical students during their clinical rotations. You will see for yourself how hospitals really work, observe clinicians in action, identify important and often overlooked clinical problems, bring your engineering expertise to the clinic, and find opportunities to educate your peers. Apply, and see the engineering profession through unique eyes!

The 2020 program was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is still our hope to offer a program, even if significantly modified, in summer of 2021.

We encourage applications from those who intend to pursue careers as design engineers clinical careers, as well as from those who intend to pursue clinical careers.