Robyn Magalit Rodriguez to speak on February 20

Robyn Magalit Rodriguez (Dept. of of Asian American Studies, University of California, Davis)
“Service Workers or Servile Workers? Migrant Labor and Contemporary Global Racial Capitalism”
Wednesday, Feb. 20, 5-6:30pm, Wilson 142
Dinner will be served
rodriguezposterFINALThere is a racialized dynamic to global forms of labor demand that require critical examination. That many migrants around the world today work in service jobs, as racialized others in the contexts where they are employed, and perform labor that reproduce relations of servility is noteworthy. Indeed, it is important to note how frequently activist epistemologies use the terms “bondage” or “servitude” to characterize migrant work.  The frequent use of terms such as bondage and indentured servitude in descriptions of migrant workplaces indicates both the nature of workplace conditions and the power dynamics that exist in these relationships. In her talk, Dr. Rodriguez examines these dynamics through a case-study of the experiences of migrants from the Philippines.